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Getting Spit Out

As we all know, this last week the whole coast of California has been pumping with waves. Up and down the coast the line ups are packed with kids kooking out and others getting barreled. Here’s an interview of a surfer bro stoked!
Here’s the remix… HA


I fell asleep on the beach this morning after a wild ride of a night, consisting of homemade tattoo’s and tribal dances. Rising with the glaring sun blasting out my eyes a figure began to approach me. As the shadow grew in front of me I could tell it was a lady. “Pardon me sir,” she says “I think you should have this.” She began to hand me something, but i couldn’t keep my eyes off these perfect tits dripping with salt water right in front of my face. It took a second to process, then I gave her a smile and took the CD she was holding in front my face. As she walked away in the glistening sun her butt cheeks smiled at me and I swear I saw a halo floating  above her head. Seconds later I looked into my hand holding a CD that read BEACHxRATS – WE ARE ANIMALZ. I got to a CD player fast, still dribbling about the beach goddess who approached me from heaven minutes before. Right when it started I knew it truly was a gift from god. Get After It!

Latest tracks by BEACHxRATS


>>>>>>Track List<<<<<
CSLSX – Keep On Shining
Al Usher – Lullaby For Robert (Original Mix)
Little Comets – Joanna (Amtrac Remix)
Julio Bashmore – Ribble To Amazon
2020 Soundsystem – Ocean (Ray Mang Remix)
Tj Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – Birthday (Pitto Instrumental Remix)
Osborne – Wait A Minute
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Rocco Raimundo Edit)
Ray Mang – Number One
Craig David – Walking Away (Get Craig David off of my yacht! Rework by Drop Out Orchestra)
K.BHTA – The Wave
Drop Out Orchestra – The Swedish Taboo
Pacific! – Narcissus (Alan Braxe Remix)

Light in the Attic Zine Issue 3

Shin Joong Hyun

Light in the Attic has been faithfully reissuing forgotten gems since 2002.  Michael Hurley, Jim Sullivan, Rodriguez, and The Monks have all been reissued due to the work the being done at this Seattle-based label.  The 3rd installment of their zine came out today and it has some interesting articles about South Korea’s 60′s rock legend Shin Joong Hyun (above cover) and their recent Vagrants release.  If you have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about then look below and head over to Light in the Attic dot net.


The Vagrants

Jim Sullivan

The Jim Sullivan Story from Jennifer Maas on Vimeo.

Tim Burton @ LACMA

The man behind modern classics such as Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas unleashes a retrospective art exhibition that covers 27 years of his creative output.  The show opens at LACMA this coming Sunday, May the 25th.  Covering much more than just his film work, this comprehensive exhibit will showcase hundreds of examples of paintings and drawings from his personal collection that were never meant to be displayed.  Burton’s illustrations, with their fucked-up proportions and ragged lines, are interestingly more Steadmanesqe than you might have thought.  The sheer breadth of drawings and doodles on display makes this less of a fine art exhibit and more of a look inside the imagination this singular artist.  Go experience his stream of consciousness.  On view through October 31.

Kolohe Is Coming…

Haole Pounder is the hottest, the best, and the most amazing. It is a production house crafting finely-tuned films. Girls weep. Boys fall in love. It is an art co-operative creating brilliance. It is a secret location in Santa Monica. It is a life-style. The girls still weep. The boys still fall in love.

HAOLE POUNDER PRODUCTIONS is currently in process of compiling, editing, organizing, and polishing the new Kolohe Andino video The Future Is Yesterday. Here’s is the 1st teaser.


RANKIN is here in LA bringing you the fire. British photographer RANKIN infamous for his portraits of naked babes, celebrities, and randoms. His exhibits have never been allowed in the US until now. His new gallery RANKIN LA opens on May 27th and ends July 23rd. Located at 8070 Melrose Ave. If you feel like getting artsy or just seeing a bunch of naked rigs go check it out.