NEW Radiohead track – Staircase; From the Basement

With upbeat, melodic vibes familiar to those found within the recent The King of Limbs album, the musical geniuses that are Radiohead just released a new live track called Staircase, featuring Portishead’s Clive Deamer as one of the drummers.

This session was recorded & produced for the website From the Basement, a project self-described as “A sort of music show / labour of love produced by a small group of dedicated individuals”. They offer select musicians a comfortable environment in order for them to give intimate, authentic performances, while simultaneously recording the outcome with quality sound & HD video.


DL: Radiohead – Staircase (live From the Basement)

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One Response to Out of this World via Hubble Telescope

  1. David says:

    Fucking radicool…the colors are outta this world. Imagine being able to wash a canvas like this!

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