Out of this World via Hubble Telescope

Since 1990, we’ve had the absolute glory of the all-powerful all-knowing beast of image
& information – The Hubble Telescope – frolicking yonder Earth’s atmosphere. As NASA’s contribution to our planet’s knowledge of our surrounding playground ( with a little help from The European Space Agency ), as a people we have gained much insight to all things inter & outer galactic – & will, courtesy of The Hubble, until approximately 2014. Then, we’ll have to wait another handful of years for its successor The James Webb Space Telescope to be launched ( approx. launch date is scheduled sometime in 2018 as a project of NASA in collaboration with The European Space Agency, & The Canadian Space Agency ). Which will be epic… because apparently, utilizing new innovative technology & techniques, it will rest 1.5 million kms away from Earth, literally looking back in time at the oldest of galaxies, having the ability to detect objects more than 100x fainter than Mr. Hubble, plus a detail capability of up to 3x finer, & much more ( !!! ).

UNFORTUNATELY… it seems that because of the catastrophic state of the American economy… the proposal to CANCEL the mission altogether is on the table. NOOOOO.
Come on people, don’t let this happen…. there are a lot of things that deserve a budget cut over Space Exploration & learning more about the origins of our UNIVERSE ( cough cough )!
If you are interested in signing a petition in the support of NOT cancelling this exciting step in humankind, please click here!

Anyways… deep breath… here are some stellar images of Nebulae, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, our Universe… to probe your higher being. Probe on.


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