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Last weekend saw one of the best parties all summer go down up in San Francisco at the legendary Blow UP. Located at Factory in SOMA, over 1400 kooks bought tickets before the night had even arrived. There was an insane line up featuring the likes of Plastic Plates, Drop The Lime, CLassixx, Cosmic Kids, Poolside, Glass Candy and Bang Gang Deejays not to mention a full on Froth Tank with resident Mindtai & NS/NS homies Bixel Boys, Tropicool & Surf Ambassador Hendo going full blast. If you made it there, check out the video above for some serious good memories. If you didn’t have the pleasure, the video will definitely make sure you don’t miss out next time.

Many thanks to Jeff & Ava

Stream The Rapture’s new album “In The Grace of Your Love”

The Rapture‘s new album “In The Grace of Your Love” drops September 6th on DFA. Take a sneak peak and stream the whole thing below.
The Rapture – In The Grace of Your Love by modularpeople

Oddeo/Video: Marco Brambilla “Civilization”

Anyone who has taken an elevator to the roof of the Standard (NYC) willl recognize Marco Brambilla’s brilliantly overhwhelming film collage titled “Civilization”, which combines over 400 iconic scenes into a layered visual feast. For those of us who take the elevator to the roof of the Standard (DTLA), check it for the first time. its a trip.

Marco’s new, very short, film of a similar fashion entitled “Evolution” will premiere at the upcoming 68th Venice International Film Festival, all in spaz 3d.

Rigs On The Reg: Wet & Bothered Edition

There are two simple categories of women according to science.  Those that are fuck-able and those that are not. We’ve taken that first category of ‘fuck-able’ and disected that segment into several sub-categories for your viewing pleasure.  Welcome to the ‘Wet & Bothered’ Edition where the only thing wetter and hotter than these babes is liquid hot magma erupting from Mount Vesuvius. Be sure to get your full fix of rig-tron-maximum from previous posts here. Next up: Beaver Feaver, Uh oh!

The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks

The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks is a new web-only short series on AMC that I find really interesting.  Arthur Banks (played by Adam Goldberg) is a director and playwright struggling to navigate his dysfunctional life.  Much to the dismay of his long-time girlfriend, his latest work is overtly autobiographical.  The first episode ,’I Pulled a Polanski,’ introduces you to Banks: a man who just hopped out the window of a seventeen-year-old actress and ran to a pay phone to call for a ride.  I guess I can see why she’s pissed.

The episodes are put together incredibly well by writer, director, and executive producer Peter Glanz.  The voice-over narration reminds me of Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums and some of the dark, droll humor recalls Woody Allen at times.  I have never watched much TV on the internet and thought the idea was a bit dubious at first, but Arthur Banks is quality.  Check it out here.


D*Face is a london based street artist strait outta hell and here to create a subversion in today’s media-saturated environment. Self described as, “A pandora’s box of bittersweet delights – sweet and sugary on the surface, but with an unfamiliar , uncomfortable, taste beneath.” We must oblige. D*face takes the surroundings and subliminal messages we are constantly drowned in every day, and turns it into sarcastic pop-culture and conspicuous consumption. Just like a river, he has washed and created his own path, however, the river has not yet reached the ocean and the creativity continues to flow.

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