GET–N–CLASSIC (full length)

VANS just released their latest surf film Get–N–Classic featuring Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, Gudauskas bros, Florence bros, Dylan Graves, Alex Knost, Andrew Doheny, Kalani Chapman, and Jason “Ratboy” Collins.  Shot across the planet by Graham Nash and Reagan Ritchie this film briefly touches how talented this VANS team is.  The intro is a classic montage playing around with paper cut–outs along with some funny sound clips.  Get–N–Classic’s soundtrack is extra dirty featuring The Black Lips, Davila 666, Pentagram, Motorhead, and Electric Wizard to name a few.  Joel Tudor’s commentary is so raw, original and funny I wish he narrated more surf films, or any films for that matter more often… A one of a kind outlook on life– that’s what we like to see at MindTai.  John Florence steals the show for me with his massive back hand attack both in and out of the water, let’s hear what you think.  Enjoy

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