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I am now confident i am the best at CPR

Not too sure about this one..

I love girl sports



DOPAMINE: a compound which exists in the body as a euphoric neurotransmitter, it is naturally produced by the brain to create happiness, heightened energy, pleasure and pain. Origin; from dop(a) + amine (a related substance) Release: When you are attracted to someone your brain releases the drug dopamine giving the same reaction that one gets from thrill seeking, sex, music, humanitarianism, surfing and skating to name a few. Behind all these lurks a brain chemical called dopamine


Beginning with Good Morning Pluto in 2008, Insight51 Clothing launched a mind-boggling campaign that set new standards all over the map. Envisioned by Steve Gorrow and captured by Dustin Humphrey the project took on a 1950′s beatnik/grunge aesthetic and warped it with surfing and skating…creating DOPAMINE. A world filled with everything you need to get your fix: Ramps, Waves, Babes, Motorcycles, Elvis, and so much more.

Massive installations in Bali were built above and below water creating visual eye-candy and sense of the sublime. The installations were gasping with unique messages, while the surfers and skaters ripped around in the surrounding euphoric playground. Photographer Dustin Humphrey nailed his shots in water and on land finishing with nothing but perfection. At the end of the day we ended up with some bad ass videos, killer shots, and some T-shirts with naked babes on bikes.

Proud to say Cheers with Cold Beers!

BÄST | ‘Scenario Del Rio’

Brooklyn born and bred, BÄST has been an intricate part of the street art scene for well over 15 years throughout New York and Europe, his wheat-pasted images, stencils and tags featuring prominently across the urban landscape. Little or nothing is known about the artist himself. Asked about this, he replied in his own words: “I go to sleep with a pizza on my chest. Itʼs embarrassing.”

BÄST is not unlike his work – unabashed, colourful, streetwise and stream-of- consciousness. “I love… vintage airline promotional material. The new workʼs obviously got a lot of that style. Itʼs quite simple, I never like to go too heavy on anything. The paintʼs thrown on with stencils over it. Itʼs a mess but it works itself out. I want these pieces to be like a phony story, complete in one scene, from which you can make up whatever you want. Even I end up looking at them and wondering where they came from. Theyʼre scenarios, hence the title ʻScenario Del Rioʼ. The ʻDel Rioʼ is a diner off Cheapskate Bay which has all sorts of folks coming in and out, they must have some scenarios going on. Plus,” he says in his broad New York accent, “I chose it because I love words that roll off the tongue.”

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The Art of Getting High: 2

Everybody loves an adrenaline rush… Some people just love it more than others. They love it so much they need it to survive. Each and everyday they look for a new way to push the limits and go that much faster or that much higher. A lot like a junky, but all-natural, using nature to get all the kicks possible. Take a behind the scenes look at these wild men getting their fix. Click here to see the first of this collection–> The Art of Getting High

The Works of Matt Leines: Master of Leverage

Hailing from New Jersey, Matt Leines blends modernism & futurism while invoking mind-bending thoughts. His work blurs the line between space and time leaving the viewer lost in a magical world. There is always something new to discover in each of his workings which makes the observer anxious for a second helping.

You can follow Matt’s blog here, where theres tons of new workings and even a store with original prints and some radical tee’s.