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Iceland’s Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is a phenomenon that occurs in the northern & southern polar regions: south of the Antarctic circle & north of the Arctic circle. Within the summer months, the sun is visible for a 24+ hour stint ( including the local midnight hour ) during the summer solstice
( ~June 22nd ). At this time the pole is is directly in line with the sun, & due to the tilted axis of the Earth & its consequent rotation, it causes prolonged daylight while in this specific scenario. If you want to have the experience in a ( relatively ) populated environment, your options for viewing are in the northern regions of Canada, United States ( Alaska ), Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Finland & Iceland.

I came across this time-lapse film by Joe Capra & needless to say, my hunger to travel to Iceland became absolutely insatiable. This is his awe-inspiring documentation of the Midnight Sun experience in the incredible country of Iceland.

For 17 days I travelled solo around the entire island shooting almost 24 hours, sleeping in the car, and eating whenever I had the time. During my days shooting this film I shot 38,000 images, travelled some 2900 miles, and saw some of the most amazing, beautiful, and indescribable landscapes on the planet. Iceland is absolutely one of the most beautiful and unusual places you could ever imagine. Especially during the Midnight Sun when the quality of light hitting the landscape is very unusual, and very spectacular.

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Halloween Pin-Up

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“I Remember Halloween!”

Get Creepy this Halloween, I know am… Nothing says Halloween better than the Misfits. Here is possibly the best all-time Halloween song ever made. So good that Dropkick and AFI had to do covers.
DL – Misfits – Halloween
DL – Dropkick Murphys – Halloween (Misfits Cover)
DL – AFI – Halloween (Misfits Cover)

Micah Matson – twenty four by HippieJump

Here is a clip from 411VM issue#24 featuring Micah Matson in his section Wheels of Fortune, using none other than the Misfits.

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Ampal Creative Fall/Winter Line

Great pal and good-time engineer Andrew Potash is about to release The Ampal Creative Fall / Winter line of headwear which, to say the least, is beyond spectacular. The attention to detail, quality of the fabrics, and uniqueness of these caps is unmatched. The line will be fully released November 11th, 2011, so be sure to check back and cop yours strait off the press.

“Our new Fall/Winter collection includes our bestselling snapbacks in a diverse range of premium winter textiles as well as a few new styles of headwear. As always we hand pick every material to ensure the highest quality. We’ve continued with some of the printer we’re known for but reinterpreted for the winter months – such as the roses above and the 17-color Woodland myrts print pictured on the cover. One of our favorites however is the “Wax On” Snapback made from Original Martenxin Wax Canvas – The original American source since 1838 – offering a natural weather resistant option for the winter months. Another cold weather special is the all new “Hoeck” Earflap Cap in a rich will with a plush striped lining. We have been working on a special chef’s hat with a former Top Chef winner that we have to keep under wraps for now. Please stay tuned and enjoy the show.

Ampal Headwear is proudly “Dreamed, Designed and Crafted in Los Angeles, California.”

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Moullinex & Xinobi – Human Fly

Happy Halloweird goblins, ghouls, freaks, and fools. Here’s a nice little Halloween jam brought to you by the duo Moullinex & Xinobi from Discotexas. It’s a free download of their cover of The Cramps 1978 hit song “Human Fly.” Enjoy!

Moullinex & Xinobi – Human Fly (The Cramps cover) FREE DOWNLOAD by Discotexas

Ghost’s, Devils, & Lotion

The Squirrel Nut Zippers formed in 1993 in North Carolina. Their music is a raw fusion of 30′s swing with a jazz/blues twist.  This video won “Best Animated Music Video” back in 1999, at the Vancouver Animation Festival. Check out “The Ghost of Stephen Foster,” song and video loosely based around the “Father of American Music.”
DL – Squirrel Nut Zippers – The Ghost of Stephen Foster

This clip was taken from the movie Forbidden Zone, a classic horror/musical full of ghosts, breasts and almost everything in between. The movie music was composed by Danny Elfman,  lead singer and songwriter of Oingo Boingo, and  known mostly for his collaborations with Tim Burton. “Squeezit the Moocher” was inspired by the classic jazz hit by Cab Calloway, “Minnie the Moocher.” Oingo Boingo was known to have played long and wild versions of “Minnie the Moocher” on stage.  Here is their spook inspired animation below.

DL – Cab Calloway – Minnie the Moocher

Here’s a little Halloween bonus video for you from the great band Greenskeeper. Comically inspired by legendary horror flick, Silence of the Lambs.

DL – Greenskeeper – Lotion

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