Dopest iPhone Cases: Hex, LifeProof, and Roots

With the recent drop of the iPhone 4s, there’s been a surge of epical cases gracing nuDesign savvy humans. Whether you choose form or function, I’ve gathered a few of my favorites. Now, all you need to do is locate an iPhone 4s because everyone seems to be sold out of them for another few weeks.

Roots Cases
Handcrafted wooden cases in rare timber. Product line ranges from computers to iPads to iPhones. Guaranteed to make Ron Burgundy jealous. They’ll go nicely next to your leather bound books and attract tons of limber yoga pros, gypsies, and smokin’ hot hippies.

A company that excels at making suave companions to your favorite apple devices, has created a sleek and useful iPhone case sure to make you look like quite the executive. Whether your trying to play the part, or are the part, this wallet/leather bound encasement is both sexy and functional.

If you’ve ever dreamed of streaming sports, porn, or checking your email in the shower, say “your welcome” to the San Diego natives and inventors of LifeProof. A fully Shock, water, snow, and pretty much every other element, Proof iPhone case. Take this puppy snorklin’ and get some underwater footy, or clean it off by running it under water. BOOM!

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