Ed Solo & Skool of Thought

I first came across Ed Solo & Skool of Thought while traveling in Australia last year. It surprised me that I had let such an epic sounding group with such a unique sound slip through the cracks. The group is made up of Eddie Bickley & Lloyd Seymour, two Breakbeat/Drum & Bass producers from the UK who first met in 2000. Their debut album “Random Acts Of Kindness” released on October 2007 encompasses all of the sounds and styles that have influenced the pair over the years from Soul, Funk and Reggae to Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop and of course Breaks. Check out their stand out tracks, “Love Your Life”, “Babylon Breaks”, “We Play the Music”, “Got It Like That”, “Sometimes”, “Life Gets Better”, and “When I Was A Yout”. If you like what you hear grab the whole thing below.

01. Love Your Life
02. Babylon Breaks
03. We Play The Music
04. Believe In The Funk
05. Got It Like That
06. Feel The Music (Re-Rub)
07. Sludge (Album Edit)
08. Sometimes
09. Rasberry Dub
10. Life Gets Better
11. When I Was A Yout
12. Tug Nut
13. Always There
14. Music Is Music
15. We Play The Music (Acoustic Version)

Grab the whole whole album.zip HERE

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