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House of Music

The House of Music in Aalborg, Denmark is quite the boner for architectural savvy observers. Form met function and inspiration was born. The inside boasts quite the melting pot of creativity where theres private and public performance spaces, creating a network of interaction among the public, artists, students, and educators. If you ever find yourself in Aalborg, Denmak check this out- your senses of sight and sound will thank you.

Design Principal/ CEO: Wolf D. Prix
Project Partner: Michael Volk
Project Architect: Marcelo Bernardi, Pete Rose
Design Architect: Luzie Giencke
Design Architect (interior): Eva Wolf

High Speed Liquid & Bubble Photographs

Heinz Maier started photography only about a year ago, but his high-speed water drop photos have already become an instant sensation. Check out these stunning photographs of delicate water droplets taken at extreme high speeds. The German artist says that he doesn’t know yet what genre he will choose, but right now he is experimenting in macro photography.

“I’ve been photographing since the end of 2010. I’m fascinated by everything in the photography I would really like to try everything at once but one after another. I do not know yet which genre I would be developing in, but right now I am experimenting in macro photography (insect and water drop photography). I photograph in my free time; that is the best way for me to relax,” says the artist.

Hot Box Skate Mag

Feel like your worthy of being in a skate mag? Well, your time has arrived. Hot Box Skateboard Magazine is a new publication that puts your photos on the pages! Photographers and skateboarders all over the world can now be seen in one place. There’s absolutely nothing professional about it, unsponsored skaters and shitty cameras are welcome and encouraged. All you have to do is send in a photo you think is worthy enough to be published and the next thing you know your in a mag at your local skate shop. Send in your photos to and get published!

Tropicool’s Tryptophan Induced- Gooch Tape #2

Let the tryptophan soak into your neurons and the music take hold. Take this lazy mixtape strait under the covers and let its funky smoothness warm your soul while you butter those buns. Silky-smooth transitions laced with euphoric tones and sexy vocals make this Gooch tape perfect for the season. Be easy and give thanks. Enjoi and happy thanks giving.

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Gooch Tape Vol. 2 Tracklisting:
Psychemagik – Valley of Paradise
Quakers & Mormons – New York Town (The c90s Remix)
Chris Malinchak – No Secrets
Anton Romezz – Marzipan World
Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Satin Jackets Remix)
Walter Sobcek – Miami (Pharao Black Magic Remix)
Stacy Lattisaw – Dynamite (Breakbot Edit)
Sare Havlicek – Vibe on You
Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)
Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be the Same Again
Jadoo ft. Hard Ton – Voodoo Love
Moby – The Right Thing ft. Inyang Bassey (Cosmonauts Remix)
Miguel Campbell – Baby I got It (Edit Murphy Remix)
Mario Basanov – Just Think About (Social Disco Club Remix)
Christophe – The Force (Julio Bashmore Piano Remix)
Alba – Only Music Surrvives

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Ever since 1978, the super funky sounds of Zapp, have kept your dance shoes movin’ and your mom groovin’. Even if you think you’ve never heard of Zapp, I guarantee you have heard samples of Zapp several times throughout west coast hip hop. (For example, 2pac uses the entire instrumental from the Zapp song Be Alright, for his track Keep Your Head Up). Zapp is also known to have influenced many electronic bands and Dj’s that are hitting the scene now, namely Chromeo. Take a listen and get funky!

DL: Zapp – So Ruff So Tuff

DL: Zapp – Be Alright

DL: Zapp – Heartbreaker

MindTai makes your facebook say WOW!!

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Les Rallizes Dénudés 裸のラリーズ

Les Rallizes Dénudés were a really heavy Japanese psychedelic band that emerged in the ’60s and played in various incarnations for decades thereafter.  They tore up the Japanese underground in the ’70s with powerful music and captivating theatrics.  The live experience is reputed to be a sensory overload similar to that of the Velvet Underground’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Their live show included friends from an avant-garde theater troupe, extremely loud canvasing guitar, as many strobe lights as they could plug in, disco balls, and communist propaganda. Rallizes existed chiefly as a live experience and have released very little studio work. The group itself is shrouded in mystery. They are rumored to spread communist and revolutionary literature at their shows (including junior high schools). The original bassist, Moriaki Wakabayashi, was a part of the Red Army Faction-led Yodo-go Hijacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351 in 1970. Guitarist and group leader Mizutani Takashi has performed as Rallizes and as a solo artist into the ’90s; coming and going from the public arena for years at a time.

Their music never received widespread acceptance, but they have developed a large fan-base among psych/noise devotees.  New albums, that is to say reissues and bootlegs, have been released at random for decades and their music will likely continue to pop up on psych compilations like Ongaku 70 that contains an edited version of ‘Far Out Deeper Than the Night’ from a live 1977 performance.  The sound they achieved is major.  Imagine Wooden Shjips jamming with Dirty Beaches trying to channel White Light/White Heat.  Check out a few tracks from 77 Live below.

Les Rallizes Dénudés by MindTai

DL: Far Out Deeper Than the Night