Graffiti Beach Opening Nov 18th in Venice

LA’s Best Pop Up Lays Down Roots in Venice

Graffiti Beach provides a platform for hip and unique Fashion Designers, Artists and Musicians to gain exposure in the public eye. Already hosting some of the best events and pop-up boutiques throughout SoCal, Graffiti Beach wants to turn the diverse nature of their Pop Up into an establishment where, artists, designers, and musicians can grow together and bring the culture full circle.

The retail space is a big step for Graffiti Beach. For the first time fans and customers will have a permanent place to find them. They will be carrying all the same types of art and products that were available in their pop-ups plus a little more. You will be able to find fine art and prints, skateboards, surfboards, clothing, accessories, and all sorts of things you are guaranteed to froth over.

Graffiti Beach premièred two years ago on December 12, 2009. Melanie Michaud, owner of Graffiti Beach, organized their first pop-up at the Bo Bridges Photography Gallery in Hermosa Beach. After that they started to use empty retail spaces, hotels, colleges and anywhere else they could find space for fashion, art, and music. From then on nothing could stop Melanie Michaud from seeing her dream thrive and flourish.

They have received attention from the LA publication Soul Magazine for bringing an “underground” culture to the forefront of the mainstream culture.

Their grand opening will take place Dec 3rd, 2012 from 8pm-11pm.You can find Graffiti beach at 1221 Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach, contact them via the interwebs at or visit them online at

Key Vendors will Include:

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