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Mickey unreleased track ‘Love for Sale’ + Interview

Mickey is no stranger to dance music. Hailing from Belgium, he has residency at the infamous Libertine Supersport, surrounded by legends such as The Magician, Mustang, and Aeroplane. He’s definitely a contributing factor to Belgium’s musical excellence. I have seen his sets, and for lack of better words, I have been absolutely blown away. If you’re one of the lucky few that happens to catch one, be prepared to loose control of your extremities and burn holes in the soles of your Chuck Taylor’s. The sound mixes golden elements from the past, then spices them up into a perfect groove & funk, Mickey style. Flavours tease the pallet consisting of a strong drum kick, bouncy chords, and precision production. He’s done remixes for the likes of Tyson, Beni, Headman, Punks Jump Up, and Housse De Racket.

Mickey has graced us with his newest single from smile recordings ‘Love For Sale’ ft. vocals from Monarchy. It’s quite magical to say the least. Give her a listen!
Mickey feat. Monarchy “Love For Sale” by Smile Recordings

Interview After the Jump

Happy MindTai New Year!

Well it’s that time of the year again when one year comes to a close and a brand spanking new year awaits us (as well as the inevitable hangover from hell). 2011 has sure been fun, it did birth MindTai after all…So to bring in 2012 right, here are 12 beautiful birds accompanied by 12 of the smoothest and grooviest tracks that will make any road trip or plane ride back home from the festivities all the more doable and GOOCH. Cheers from everyone at MindTai, peace, shibby, titty, and free Willy. Catch ya in 2012!

Chris Isaac – Wicked Game (Final DJs 2011 Funky Bass Rmx)

Psychemagik – Aldeia De Ogum

Chris Rea – Driving Home For Xmas (The Revenge Redub)

Perseus – Cool Runnings

The O’Jays – Back Stabbers (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)

Voltaire Twins – Romulus (Moullinex Remix)

Rocco Raimundo – Go on & Fly

The Photographic – Secure (Amtrac Remix)

Jonas Rathsman – Tobago

Appaloosa – Patchwork (Kamp Remix)

Gorillaz – Empire Ants (Miami Horror Remix)

Chic – My Forbidden Lover (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Aeroplane December 2011 Mix

Its the last day of December and our boy Aeroplane has dropped us a late Christmas present to ring in the New Year. So ring-ding-a-ling-a-dong the New Year with this December Mix. Cheers!
Aeroplane December 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)
Tracklist :
1.Principle of Geometry – LA ( Joakim Edit )
2. David August – You gotta Love Me
3. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die ( Leo Zero Remix )
4. Clock Opera – Once and for all ( Andrew Weatherall Remix )
5. Gin Joints – For tonight ( Neon Workout remix )
6. Douglas Greed – Krautpolka
7. Rosen Claes – Into the bloom ( Luiz B remix )
8. Odyssey – Going back to my roots ( Faze Action remix )
9. Yacht – I walked alone ( Jacques Renault remix )
10. Surrender – Conflicted

“I’ve Always Wanted To Do This”

Swiss photographer Dan Cermak has a new book called “I’ve Always Wanted To Do This.” The book contains pictures of nude people in their own homes dealing with their own personal objects. The project back in 2009 when Cermak placed an ad calling for people who were willing to get naked in their own homes. Surprisingly he receieved tons of feedback and got started…now he has a entire book filled with juicy subjects. Cermak believes people in their birthday suits are at their purest form, “To find out, the purest form of a human being is nudity. You are born without any clothes on and when you die your body will transform into nature again. Once people get undressed in front of the camera they get vulnerable. All the protection of the clothes is gone. I believe the photographs of naked people, if they are not too staged can show intimacy and the pure self of a person” Check out Dan’s book for more!

Loneliness never looked so depressingly good.

Variations of glittered deformations form the basis for a grotesquely beautiful motif in the works of Japanese artist 非(xhxix). Digitally sketching, drawing, and painting everything using Photoshop alone, 非 visualizes loneliness in his subjects and decorates them with scars, layers of geometric abstractions and floral imagery. As most of his subjects are young men, the artist explains that “boys are more suitable to express loneliness as women are emotional and powerful.”

Concocting images of isolated pain and an ethereal sadness into haunting depictions of young western men, 非 reveals a mystified insight into the depths of the Japanese psyche.

(Via The Creators Project)

BLAZE by Ian McChesney

A sculpture for the A66 Middlesbrough by Ian McChesney -

About 400km north of London, England, a roadside sculpture is giving the A66 motorway a designed identity.

The 35-sq-m Blaze installation was created by architect Ian McChesney, who arranged 472 gold anodised aluminium staves in long, intertwining circular structures. As people drive by the structure, multiple grid patterns are unveiled; this is further enhanced by the fact that the aluminium staves sway gently in wind.

‘The arrays are arranged in layers so that the shape of the piece transforms as people pass by,’ McChesney explains. ‘Blaze is designed to catch the light in unusual ways creating a bright sculptural form along the often dreary dual carriageway landscape.’

Replicas of Blaze will eventually be installed at various locations along the motorway.

Key Facts

  • Blaze is approximately 35m long by 35m wide by 4m tall.
  • There are 472 individual staves of aluminium in Blaze.
  • There are a total of 165 linear meters of staves in Blaze.
  • The sculpture contains over 1.5 km of aluminium tubing.