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Guadalupe Plata

My buddy Corey from Thalia Surf came over and had some beers with me today.  He’s always had a killer taste in clothes, women, and music, so when he told me to check out Guadalupe Plata, I knew I was in for a good one. After watching their video for the song “Lorena” I was deeply hooked.  The band has a grungy/surf death rockabilly sound that kicks you in the face and feels good. Make sure to watch their videos below, you’ll love em all… Check out their Bandcamp to download one of their albums for free.

DL: Guadalupe Plata – Lorena

DL: Guadalupe Plata – Pollo Podrio

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 18

“The waves ≠ raves consists of hand-picked gems that inspire us, tickling and tempting our creative juices. Some are old, some are new, but it is what we are listening to now. They are groovey, flowing, and sun-kissed just like that perfect wave. They are uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They sound the best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet. Stay Dreamy.”

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 13
Zimmer – Crusin’ (Lou Teti Remix)
Tyson – On The Radio
Grouplove – Tounge Tied (Gigamesh Remix)
Perseus – Seychelles
Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It (Rocco Raimundo Edit)
LeSale – Make Me Feel So Good
Andrew Clarke – We Built This House
Crazy P – Changes (Mario Basanov Remix)
Appaloosa – Patchwork (Kamp! Remix)
Chris Malinchak – There I Was
Pitchben – Stand Up (Tiger & Woods Remix)
Cadillac – Blue Skies (Ray Mang Remix)
Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (Joakim Remix ‘Tropicool Re-gooch’)
Moon Boots – Bills To Pay
Odyssey – Going Back To My Roots (Slow Hands Edit)

All Files Zipped —->Here<—-

Join, or Die

Thrasher and 5BoroNYC just came out with a 30min flick Join, or Die... It’s full of raw street skating throughout the streets of NYC with music from classic’s such as Bad Brains, The Clash, Wu-Tang, and Joy Division. This video takes you back to the golden days of pure street skating, give it a watch then hit the streets!

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Carey Gough | Just Passing Through

Joy Division's Ian Curtis, 18th May, 1980 Barton Close, Macclesfield

Instead of capturing musicians in their live act, Carey Gough’s latest photo series Just passing Through documents artists in their absence. The Kentucky-native traveled the globe snapping photos of the seemingly mundane death sites of iconic artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, Queen’s Freddie Mercury, and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. Check out the entire series here.

This work highlights the embedded history held in architecture and landscapes. In these seemingly ordinary spaces, monumental moments of loss in popular music occurred. These places have become sites of pilgrimage where fans can pay tribute to musical heroes. This provides a kind of intimacy of investment knowing the fan has traveled to such a spot and shared the same environment once inhabited by the one they admire. On the other hand, some of the stories of the photographed spaces have been absorbed into the woodwork and landscape through the passage of time and the changing of cultural tastes.

17th April, 1960 (Eddie Cochran), Rowdon Hill, Chippenham

7th October, 1966 (Johnny Kidd), A58 Between Bolton and Bury

3rd February, 1967 (Joe Meek), 304 Holloway Road, London

3rd July, 1969 (Brian Jones), Cotchford Lane, Hartfield

18th September, 1970 (Jimi Hendrix), 21-22 Lansdowne Crescent, London

3rd July, 1971 (Jim Morrison), 17 Rue Beautreillis, Paris France

24th July, 1974 (Cass Elliott) & 7th September, 1978 (Keith Moon), Curzon Square, Mayfair, London

2nd March, 1991 (Serge Gainsbourg), 17 Rue de Verneuil, Paris, France

24th November, 1991 (Freddie Mercury), 1 Logan Place, Earls Court, London

Office Supplies Incorporated

Check out the Vancouver artist who goes by the name Office Supplies Incorporated. He works in collage and print making, but mainly screen prints posters. He is self taught and makes epic prints that are displayed in galleries throughout Vancouver, BC.


Argentinian artist JAZ visits Mexico in December 2011 to paint 4 murals. This dude is hands down one of the best South American artist painting walls today. To see more work check out JAZ’s flickr stream HERE.