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Miss Reef Chile 2012 // Get Your Licks In

If you have a bad case of the Mondays and wondering what the hell happened to your weekend, well lets hope you were able to surround yourself around some Grade A Booty. This post is to help you get through this week’s darkest hours.

The Miss Reef annual contest is held to find the best model to represent Reef’s Iconic Bikini Image to the world. Here is a little gallery of images taken at this year’s contest held in Chile. Now go get your licks in….

AFENDS Presents: Tropical Punch

The boys at Afends have been pumping out rad new threads and producing some pretty epic video footage from their home base in Byron Bay. Check out the videos below from their Tropical Punch series. Expect more sick clips from these guys coming in the very near future.


Jonnie Craig presents this all time slow motion short film in prep of the release of his black & white photography book IKYITHWMEL. The short stars ripper Chris Ault and was filmed with an amazing Red Epic camera set-up. The vid was made in colab with Niall Kenny, Fabio Calascibetta and VICE.

Wait it out till the two min mark to really lose your lid!

Pangea Speed & the Zion Express

Andy Carter of Pangea Speed has been creating motorcycles that transcend into gas powered art deco 2 wheeled streamliners. I first found out about Pangaea Speed when I stumbled upon their Triumph Speedmaster (final pic).

This is the ZION EXPRESS Andy’s personal bike; the detail and execution are impeccable. All the bodywork is hand formed the old fashion way. It seems like it would be really easy for art deco elements to balloon into bulbous wide body panels, but the bike has the svelte profile of a lane-splitting chopper.

“Andy believes that it’s the small details that make a bike like this different, and you can see that ideology at play all over the Zion Express. The headlight lens in and of itself was a process many would have just sent out for or bought something pre-formed and re-shaped to fit. Andy, with the help of his father Ron, built a solid wood buck that perfectly fit inside the cowl and then proceeded to soften polycarbonate in the oven at home and hand-laid piece after piece over the buck until it came out perfect.” via Hot Bike

The fluted tank piece leading into the completely clean rabbit bars might be my favorite part of the bike.

For more check out the PANGEA SPEED blog. Andy is working on a new bike for the Born Free show, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

It would be better blogging to let you discover the Triumph SPEEDMASTER on your own, but I felt compelled to share.

Tattoos by Peter Aurisch

Take a gander at these tattoos by German tattoo artist Peter Aurish. Hailing from Berlin, Aurisch uses geometric lines mixed with bursts of bold colors and various lifeforms, which in the end produce a very striking and eye grabbing work of art. He is a world renown tattoo artist with people making pilgrimages from all parts of the globe just to get inked up by this German lad.

Ian Francis – 10,000 Years From Now

UK based artist Ian Francis draws inspiration and raw material from cinema, pornography, street culture, and images sampled from the Internet. He synthesizes these sources into a quasi-literal vision of the “mediated” landscape.

Working in mixed media on canvas, Ian Francis combines abstraction, figuration and elements of both painting and drawing to create distinctly contemporary works. His robust approach uses a range of techniques including acrylic, oil, charcoal, ink and graphite, all deployed in a spontaneous manner. Through his work he explores society’s obsession with popular culture and the detachment he personally undergoes in relation to this pervasive sense of societal collapse and impending apocalypse.

Francis’s latest body of work, 10,000 Years From Now will be showing from April 27th till May 27th at Lazarides gallery . In this show Francis highlights the perilous nature of our constructed world and brings into focus the futility of our social legacy by examining the fragility of this lifetime in contrast to geological timescales. Sounds fancy.