LRG Presents: Tom Gould x Anna Delany “Two Of A Kind”

In two Saturdays Klughaus Gallery and LRG proudly present ‘Two Of A Kind’, an exhibition of photographs by New Zealanders Tom Gould and Anna Delany.

Tom Gould and Anna Delany debut their latest work in a show which features photographs of the streets of New York shot exclusively on 35mm black and white film. Differentiating themselves from the other millions of images of metropolitan New York, Gould and Delany’s photographs document the frequently overlooked beauty of the neighborhoods and communities outside of mainstream media. Many images featured in their upcoming exhibition capture subtleties of everyday life from their adoptive neighborhood in Brooklyn’s, Bedford Stuyvesant.

9,000 miles from home in a concrete jungle culturally and physically different from his native New Zealand, Gould reflects,“Taking pictures on the street is like going to a casino, you never know who you’re going to meet, what’s going to happen, or what you are going to come home with. The fact that you can head out with a handful of empty rolls of film and return with images and memories that could last a lifetime, makes the gamble all worthwhile.”

If you happen to be in the New York area definitely check out this exhibit. Its a very raw, crude, yet aesthetically pleasing outsiders take on the streets of New York. Opening reception is Saturday April 21, 2012 at Klughaus Gallery, 47 Monroe Street New York, NY.

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