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Growing up I was always a huge fan of Neck Face, seeing his “bat-like” creatures grace the presence of everything from billboards to hoodies, I knew he was pissing some people off and making others happy with laughter, this is what I always loved about Neck Face. A native to California, he started tagging around Sacramento and quickly moved onto New York and Japan, spreading his name like an evil wildfire while laughing all the way. After dropping out of art school, he was adopted by the skateboarding community and started putting his work on shoes, boards, and all types of clothing, for companies like Vans, Altamont, and Baker. I’m not quite sure what Neck Face has been up to recently, but I’m sure whatever it is, it’s some gruesome ass shit. You can check out his tumblr to see more or watch his Off the wall episodes, Time & Space.

Epicly Later’d | Arto Saari Continued…

Here are the latest video segments from Vice’s Epicly Later’d series featuring Arto Saari. Check out parts 3 and 4 below. If you happened to have missed parts 1 and 2, check them out here.

Julien Pacaud // Art & Illustration

Check out these finely crafted art & illustration pieces by French artist Julien Pacaud. Before becoming an illustrator, Julien was, by turns: an astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an Esperanto teacher. Now he creates surreal and otherworldly illustrations that have won him numerous awards and can be seen in advertisements and album artworks worldwide. You can purchase prints and books from his web store here.


SHARK TOOF has a new book coming out this July, and he’s got a lot to show for it. Being a graffiti artist for 27 years+ he’s put his time in, paid his dues, and is ready to bite everyone’s head off. The book is being published by Zero+ and you can pre-order it now. SHARK TOOF also has a solo art exhibit in October at The Cave in Venice. Check out his tumblr. for up to date shark attacks.

Mikhail Vos

Mikhail Vos is a 17 year old who is absolutely crushing in the mind-altering, perception-tripping, imagery. You can purchase his prints here.

Mixtape Coffee Table

Jeff Skierka is a clean cut carpenter with a smooth style and a unique approach to craftsmanship. Check out this Mixtape coffee table and go to his new site for more.