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The Presets – Youth In Trouble

The Presets have released quite the psychedelic, kaleidoscopic, pixilated, rollercoaster-of-a-ride, music video for their new single Youth In Trouble. I’ve seen them perform live on two separate occasions at Coachella Music Festival and this video perfectly captures my field of vision during the shows as I danced my ass off to epic tunes with awesome people on similar wave lengths. If you’ve never seen The Presets live, do it! Their long-awaited third album Pacifica, drops in September, download the track below.

DL: The Presets – Youth In Trouble

Sue Whoot and Micah Grasse

Sue Whoot and Micah Grasse create rhythmic patterns of light amidst modern day controversial subjects resulting with multi-level, mind-moving art-work. The light is created by “Doost,” a reflective glass (recycled) medium invented by Whoot and Grasse. “Doost” creates an effect similar to a street sign putting subjects “in the city.” These two innovators take a look at the “problems” of the current world and attack it with their own created medium and method. Check out their tumblr here and their website here. Micah Grasse also has a high-quality handbag line made from surfboard resin you can check them out at

1979 Venice Beach Roller Skaters

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In 1978, the Mayor of Los Angeles declared Venice Beach “the roller skating capital of the world.” Venice Beach was packed with all types of groovy flavor on 8 wheels. Here are a bunch of shots taken one year later throughout Venice.

Magic Tape 24

If you guys missed out on the Magician’s recent mini-US tour then be sure to catch him the next time he’s around. This super smooth and jazzy Belgian magic show really puts on a great show and rocks the freshest gear to accompany the epic tunes. This will be his last magic tape for the Summer and it features a lot of exclusives and some of his new original tracks. Stay tuned for Number 25 in September.

Epicly Later’d | Koston Trailer


Here is a video dedicated to the one and only Ozzie Wright by Desillusion Magazine. It follows this unique and creative creature as he surfs and skates in his native Sydney, Australia, and speaks his mind on surfing, skating, art, music, and overall radness.

THIS IS OZZIE – TOME 3 from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.

Born and raised in a family that he himself calls “a bunch of hippies”, Ozzie grew up on the beaches of northern Sydney, known today to be amongst the most competitive in the world – beaches that gave birth to world champions such as Tom Caroll and Nat Young. But Ozzie quickly decided to choose a different path than the one that led to competitions. Inspired by the skate and punk scene, he was the first person to bring humor and DIY philosophy to the surf scene. From the paintings on his boards, the shape, his special way of surfing ( a melange of strength and airs,normally done in skateboarding) , to the creation of his punk rock band Goon of Doom, Ozzie’s the man who gave new insight to surfing, a fresh perspective that inspired a whole generation of surfers. ( Dane Reynolds, Alex Knost, Dion Agius, etc)

“This is Ozzie” is a portrait of one of the most intriguing personalities that surfing has ever seen. With interview footage that’s never been seen before , Wright shares his fear, his love and his original lifestyle, a pure ode to the core of surf spirit.”