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Kolohe Andino // Pre-Injury Showcase

Kolohe puts on a clinic with a few sessions around San Clemente before his ankle injury. Enjoy this video along with words by Matt Biolas on Kolohe.

Matt Biolas:
“Compiled from a hand full of sessions around San Clemente. This segment showcases the surfing of Kolohe just before his injury, which has seen him completely dry for over two months now. Speeding combinations of fierce, on rail wraps, technical airs and fin free lip work on single waves are what separate young Andino from the pack.

Testing a few different rockers and outlines, things were coming together on a few new design elements at the time, only to be put on the back burner until his recoup is done.

The line up, and my daily work at the factory, are not nearly the same without him. Can’t wait to see him back in the water, picking up where we left off.”

There’s no place like home… )’(

Imagine a city that truly never sleeps. A city where food, booze, love, & well… everything, is free. A city where people put their guards down, shedding pride & prejudice, freely exchanging not only services, but ideas, good vibes, high fives, real hugs, heartfelt eye contact, genuine smiles & more… without asking for a single thing in return, because why not? A city & community built by & full of the most open-minded, creative & amazing human beings absolutely thriving off each other in all the best ways, in beautiful harmony – constantly producing & evolving, together. A city where everyone & everything & everywhere you look is art – & every single day is purely a celebration of life & life’s temporal nature, hence nothing is taken for granted. Imagine this city, where the people cheer & applaud the sunrise every single morning. This my friends is an ideal world, & the best part is that it exists.

Every year during the week prior to Labor day, a temporary city is erected in the middle of nowhere in the harsh deserts of northern Nevada, USA. For the single week the city exists, it becomes the 3rd most populous city in all of Nevada. It is known as the playa of Black Rock City, & is formally known as Burning Man. Chances are these days that you have probably at least heard about it…

Twenty six years ago, a carpenter by the name of Larry Harvey constructed an 8 foot tall structure of a man & took it to Baker beach in San Fransisco, where he enjoyed the company of a few friends, & for whatever reason, decided to burn his creation down at the end of the night. This act instantly drew people in from all over the beach that he had never met before. The mesmerizing image of the burning man created an interesting dynamic – amongst others, one woman spontaneously came over & held his hand, as someone else came over, sat down, & started strumming their guitar as they all watched it burn. Inspiration-fueled, Larry & his friend Jerry James were eager to turn it into a tradition, & returned the next year with yet a bigger man. Needless to say, every year since then the amount of eager people involved in this idea turned project, turned event, turned community… has simply exponentiated. From the essence & traditions of its simple beginnings, Burning Man has evolved into the incredible beast that it is today.

Today – this coming together produces an experimental self-sustaining community / society as an officially ordained ( however temporary ) city – complete with a post office, fleet of rangers, airstrip, radio station, city news paper etc., all from the combined effort of more than 60,000 people. These 60,000 people from all age groups & backgrounds venture from every corner of the world to spend a week living in the extreme conditions of the Black Rock desert, taking on the challenge of radical self expression & self reliance amongst other equally adventurous & like-minded individuals. This venture is truly a commitment, as living in the desert for a week without readily available water, food, shelter, electricity, trash pick-up & all your other every day comforts are simply non existent. This creates the participatory spirit, & is what gave birth to the ‘gifting economy.’

Currency has no value here. & No, people do not barter at Burning Man. They simply give. On any given hour at Black Rock city, you are lovingly offered an incredible amount of everything from amazing musical / dance etc. performances, grilled cheese sandwiches, classes & workshops of all kinds, rides across the desert grounds on ‘art cars’ ( which is an experience in itself ), cocktails, stimulatingly diverse interaction / conversation & more amongst numerous equally amusing, humerous & thoughtful art installations. From the largest tangible gift to the smallest intangible gift, all this passion & good will freely & abundantly exchanged here really creates an undeniable buzz of awe & appreciation that leaves no person without a huge smile on their face for the entire week. The people who spend their time in this desert city go home anew & tell everyone they know about what many consider to be one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives.

As fast as the word & interest has spread, so has the enormous growth of this extraordinary event – which can’t always keep up to its demand. 2011 was the first year that Burning Man sold out, as it reached its capacity allowed by the US Bureau of Land Management at some 50,000+ people. A little more than 3,000 extra people showed up additional to the cap, & Black Rock City LLC was placed on probation. In 2012, the organization instated a ‘Lottery’ ticketing system to give an equal opportunity to all, & people started to worry when they were not able to get their hands on a golden ticket after the second round. Eventually, the people of Burning Man were somehow able to raise the 2012 capacity for yet another 10,000 people. With a largely shared feeling of unease by the Burning Man community in regards to the escalating ticket demand & correlating BLM permit issues, many are concerned about the complicated future of this incredible week in the desert. The truth of the matter is that all Burning Man ever was, is what it is, & what it will become. Revolution, Evolution, Resolution. No doubt it will continue to change in countless ways, but its creative community is solid & will adapt, prosper, & endure – as has been the exciting lifeblood & spirit all along.

There’s no place like home,
There’s no place like home,
There’s no place like home…

Here are some of the videos from last year’s burn through various eyes:


Come get free beer, free food, and some super cheap and extremely soft threads all @ the Lightning Bolt Shop in Venice. See you there!!!

The Orwells

If you haven’t heard of the Orwells then your blowing it! Hailing from Illinois, these groms are pushing flower punk all across the nation. With a deep influence from one of my all-time favorite bands The Replacements, everything these guys mash together comes out raunchy yet sweet! Make sure to check out all these tracks.

DL: The Orwells – In My Bed

DL: The Orwells – Halloween All Year

DL: The Orwells – Mallrats

DL: The Orwells – Southern Comfort


French graphic artist Moebius collaborated with Chilean artist and filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky in their short comic “Les Yeux Du Chat,” which translates to “The Eyes of the Cat”. The comic was made as a gift to staff and friends at Les Humanoïdes Associés, shortly before Moebius died earlier this year. Scroll down and follow the story, beautiful work! We have featured Moebius aka Jean Giraud many times before, he led a very full life and has left us with amazing works of art that will continue to inspire generations of artists to come. You can check out his legacy of work here.


Check out some massive boosts in the 4 webisodes below of this years Kustom Airstrike. It was filmed on location in Indonesia and features Albee Layer, John John Florence, Chippa Wilson, Matt Meola, and Ryan Callinan, competing for $50,000, winner takes all, for the best aerial of the trip. All webisodes filmed and edited by Kai Neville.