Monthly Archives: September 2012

Melody’s Echo Chamber

Paris-based musician Melody Prochet is Melody’s Echo Chamber.  She produces a psychadelic warp of rock, folk, and electronic which resonates in your mind with euphoric vibrations. Take a listen below and check out this babe’s tumblr here. 

David Gonzalez // Possessed to Skate

This section is the epitome of the “Skate or Die” mentality. David Gonzalez, the balls of steel young ripper hailing from the snowy alps of Medellin, Columbia, skates fearlessly and charges some of the most sketchy handrails and ledges ever caught on film. Enjoy his breakthrough performance in Thrasher’s Possessed to Skate, and keep an eye out for more epic sections with death metal soundtracks from this up and coming Columbian charger.

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Punk is Dead

Anti-folk singer and songwriter Jeffrey Lewis covers Crass‘ (English Punk Band 1977) genius song “Punk is dead.” Lewis does a phenomenal job of taking the DIY punk ethic approach to covering 12 of Crass’ raging best. This one’s a keeper, enjoy!

DL: Jeffrey Lewis – Punk is Dead


SALLY, is a new Australian surf film by Nicholas Damen and Simon Treweek. The film concentrates on the importance of traveling into unknown realms to truly find yourself. Check out the killer trailer and stay up to date for its release later this fall at

Marina Muun

Marina Muun is a Bulgarian artist mainly using acrylic and digital illustrations. Her style is very intriguing due to the geometric shapes, high attention to detail, and choice in color. There’s lots of rad stuff on her blog HERE.

Pompeya – Power (Remix Package)

Pompeya, probably our favorite thing coming out of Russia since vodka, just released quite the single entitled “Power.”  The single is jaw-dropping, and the collection of artists jumping onto remix duty is phenomenal, including the likes of: Mario Basanov, Lou Teti, Zimmer, & Lipelis.  If thats not enough for you, there is a very limited run of 12” vinyls on Lou’s label, Tigers on a Leash, with hand-silkscreened art that can be bought HERE!  Don’t sleep on this, you have the POWER!