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Australian eyewear company Epokhe and Kai Neville have released their first video campaign together featuring an external world of unearthly women, waves, and fierce backdrops. The film takes on a minimalistic approach and has some amazing scenery and aerial shots. It also features a few clips of Mitch Coleborn tackling some ganny waves. Still photography shot by Grady Archbold & Dion Agius.


MACHOTAILDROP is an elusive and mysterious yet much talked about skateboard film directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig. The film is elusive due to the fact that it has a killer trailer, some epic skating star power, has been praised at numerous film festivals, yet hardly anyone has been able to see the film due to politics tied with Fuel TV. The movie has a quirky and off beat Wes Anderson-esque quality to it and features hilarious acting from skaters Rick McCrank and John Rattray. There are some pretty classic characters, funny one-liners, and some incredible locations throughout. And now, for the first time you can watch the entire thing online. Who knows how long it will be up for, so get on it, and click the link below!

Password: manwolf

Kick Rocks!!!

Here’s a hand selected batch of old school punk jams for you to kick rocks too. Up your core score, drink a beer, get a FLAT TOP, download the tracks below and then beat it kooks!!!

DL: Dead Moon – Dead Moon Night 

DL: Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods

DL: The Spits – Bring (Me Down)

DL: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks 

DL: The Swamprats – Louie Louie

All files zipped here: KICK ROCKS!!!

What If Money Were No Object?

American philosopher Alan Watts once famously asked, “What makes you itch?” Although greatly revered and admired, this post is not emphatically based on the life and work of the intellectual Mr. Watts, but rather the moral value of the message he wishes to portray. His message is pure and sincere and part of the MindTai philosophy. Enjoy this powerfully inspirational narrative, which is sure to stimulate your intellect and better your soul.

“If you say that money is the most important thing, you’ll spend your life completely wasting your time: You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is, in order to go on doing things you don’t like doing — which is stupid! It is better to live a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.”


Formally / artistically identified via their alias Kozyndan, Dan & Kozy Kitchens are an extremely loveable husband & wife artist duo that claim to be ‘physically residing in Los Angeles, & mentally in one another’s subconscious.’ The two met in painting class at Cal State Fullerton in the latter part of the 90′s while pursuing their illustration degrees, & have since spent their time producing playfully absurd & surreal illustrations, providing onlookers with morsels of their delicious taste in whimsy. The content of their work is derived from fascinations gathered through their addiction to traveling across the world & under the sea – as well as with sex, & their pet rabbit of course. These collaborative works have taken form in countless ways – traditional fine art paintings / drawings, digital prints, photography, album covers, apparel, footwear, sculpture, furniture, toys, jewelry, etc. Their clientele list includes the likes of Tower Records, Converse, Puma, Coachella, Subpop records, SONY, 686, Paul Smith, Weezer, The Postal Service, magazines HOW, Giant Robot, COLORS. Many of their items that are for sale you can find here.

Kozyndan frequently display in international galleries – a solo show of theirs titled Breaking circles, Broken light recently opened at the Narwhal Gallery in Toronto, which runs through until December 16th. For this body of work, they focused particularly on showcasing animal species that are in danger of extinction, via paintings & sculptures. If you will be in the Toronto area any time between now & December 16th, you should definitely go take a gander. Immediately following the opening of their show last week, Kozyndan hopped on a flight to Indonesia & have been scuba diving every day since then… Cheers guys!

Enjoy this random collection of fantastical works by Kozyndan…

Kozyndan undoubtedly have created an amazing system / way of life that sets them apart from many artist collaborations that are out there today. If you enjoy their work & would like to further follow them on their artistic journey, pick your social poison – they are no strangers:

dan’s instagram
kozy’s instagram

Manly Tribal Games 2012

The 8th Annual Manly Tribal games went down last weekend on a very ‘Manly’ Saturday morning. The Men gathered at 10:30 a.m. sharp (laggers were punished with push-ups) at Laguna Beach High School for the first two events of the day. We then divided into our four tribes decided by fate; Pomo, Acjachemen, Vikings, and Choctaw. Next came the relay race followed by the tug-of-war. After those events, we marched to the Manly Games arena where arrow-shootin, knife-throwin, spear-chuckin, hatchet-tossin, pull-ups, free throws, beer guzzling, and burger grinding ensued. It was a great gathering of fellow men, and it was the largest such gathering to date. The competition was neck and neck throughout the day, but in the end, it was the Pomo who came through in the bug-eating, beer pounding, wildcard ‘COYOTE’ event. Lots of Mahalos to the Arthur family and all those involved for hosting such an epic gathering of men. You can view the complete album here. Until next year, cheers!