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Acid Desert Tour


Check out the Missing Link Ties crew on the Acid Desert Tour. The tour was an long magical journey filled with a creative glow and a worldly vibe. In search of something within the mystical realm, we travelled past Mecca and Bombay Beach all the way to Salvation Mountain. The desert sun was blistering, as we looked around everything glistened with vibrant colors. It was a weird and desolate, but sacred land far from normality. Take a view into the looking glass of the Acid Desert Tour.

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Missing Link Ties

mindTai_0741 copy 2

The creators of MindTai are proud to announce a revolutionary evolution in formal attire. No longer will dressing up be a bummer! Missing Link Ties provide a handmade denim garment treated with acid drops and stone rocks to fit your fancy. Each and every tie is completely unique and one of a kind, so no kook can copy your rebel yell. Check out their shop to see the vast array of kick-ass ties! Make sure to stay on top of Missing Link Sightings to see introductions to the wild & elusive members of their family. Missing Link Ties is a clothing company devoted to casual rocking, proper partying, and all things within the mystical realm. Here are a few sneak peaks behind the acid washed curtain.

CRAP Eyewear Snack Pack Volume 9: Summer 2013 Galactic Dropout

CRAP Eyewear has released their latest lookbook for Summer 2013 aptly titled Galactic Dropout. It features the new Summer 2013 sunglass line in an epic backdrop that makes you feel like you are Jedi-flipping in an interstellar version of Joshua Tree. As a companion to the lookbook they have also released Vol. 9 of their Snack Pack series with hand picked musical gems by the Crap guru’s themselves. Download the Galactic Dropout mixtape below!


Check out this killer photo shoot featuring ultra-rig Nathalie Kelley for the latest All That Remains look book. The theme of the shoot was Find Your Moral Compass and owner/designer Leaha leaves you with this to say:

“Find Your Moral Compass”
With man-made creations as far as the eye can see, All That Remains stands tall with the creation of something personal.
“Find Your Moral Compass” is a dicovery of ones true self, For All That Remains that was about falling away from the grids & patterns of society, where skies are filled with entire galazies and man still creates with his hands.
Its all about the path we take…PLEASE PAUSE & ENJOY



Introducing BAD ∆CID. What is BAD ACID you may ask? Well, first of all they make killer t-shirts. Second, you can buy those killer shirts here. Third…better leave it up to these guys to explain themselves.

“First things first: BAD ACID sucks…BAD ACID doesn’t care about you unless you buy a shirt. BAD ACID believes in nothing and everything at the same time…BAD ACID is about that feeling you get when you finally reached your dreams but realize it’s someone else’s dream and you’re a fake. BAD ACID is the reason Ghandi beat his wife. She was turning into a snake. You weren’t there. BAD ACID is all about sharing…with yourself. BAD ACID doesn’t discriminate and believes everyone is entitled to a bad trip. BAD ACID is about melting, frying, tripping, boiling, buzzing, blurring, warping, fucking, loving, hating, licking, sipping, sleeping, not sleeping, eating, drinking-Jesus. BAD ACID is the person sitting next to you when you’re looking into a mirror sitting next to you.”

90′s Versace Ads

Here is a retrospective blast from the past; vintage Versace ads from the very bright and über stylish 90s. Check out the epic gear and cameos by 90s supermodel favs Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, and Claudia Schiffer. Schwing!