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Max Schaaf


a gander into the life of Max Schaaf, skateboarder and bad-ass bike builder. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the bike he built for Born Free. Make sure to check out MindTai’s Born Free Post here.

MAX SCHAAF BORN FREE 4 from Mark Choiniere on Vimeo.


Toyota has just recently unveiled their latest concept vehicle, the Fun-Vii, at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The car is almost entirely touch screens that the driver controls via smart phone, customizing color, graphics, and interfaces on the whim. Even cooler, the car has “Auto Drive” so the car can drive itself while you kick back, sap a coldie, and kick it with your virtual concierge rig of the future (second video below). At this point Toyota has no plans to produce the vehicle anytime soon, but the concepts and technology will likely find its way into production vehicles in the coming years.


Get ready for screeching tires and cracked glass there’s going to be a demolition derby! This weekend STAB MAG and THRILLS will host a full contact car smashing bonanza at the Brisbane International Speedway.  Companies such as Analog, Rusty, Santa Cruz, Volcom and plenty more will gear up and go head to head smashing everything in sight. Each team will have a customized demolition machine ready for destruction. Should make for an epic event!!

Here are some words from the genius who put the madness all together

The Demolition Derby is purely a selfish pursuit. I feel that we’re all lacking a touch of bogan. I’m not trying to spread the good word from the church of bogan, more just demonstrating the free expression of being a bogan in today’s world. It’s a no-parents, no-rules battle royale, of sorts. We’re bogan, we’re here, get used to it.

People can expect a wild night with a predicted crowd of six thousand people for the main event. The finished derby cars that I’ve seen are already looking pretty mental. The competitors are all taking it more seriously than I first expected, so it’s set to be a world war. All the drivers have been warned that satin boxer shorts are highly flammable and also a possible fashion crime that carries no legal punishment other than social ridicule.

I’m not going to tell porky pies – death is a very likely and possible outcome on November 26. And not just from the obvious dangers of the derby, but also from the mammoth amounts of XXXX beer and warm bourbon that’ll be consumed, track-side. So, a word to the wise: All those single mums in Brisbane’s western suburbs, look out – the Nimbin party bus is fully-booked, has a keg onboard and is on its way. – Brooke McGregor

Our friends over at Afends are in the competition and are ready to tear shit up! Check out the young rippers Boyd Young and Joel Fiord take the Afends demolition car “The Getaway” for a lil pre-bashin action. Good Luck to Jono, Danny and the rest of the crew!!

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Fisker Karma – The most beautiful ecoFriendly auto

Henrik Fisker began his stab at the auto industry as a designer for such auto icons as the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, and Aston Martin V8 Vantage. It wasn’t enough, he wanted to put his stamp on something more, and began taking Mercedes SL55′s and BMW M6′s apart. He replaced all the body panels with his own designs in lightweight aluminum and replaced the interiors with higher-end accents and leathers. This became Fisker Coachbuild. To push the envelope even further, Henrik decided to start his own car company, solely under his own name where he would be CEO and lead designer. But, he wanted it to be special. In 2008 the Fisker Karma was a concept at the North American International Car Show. Late 2012 it will become a reality as the most beautiful, eco-friendly, and technological advanced car hits showroom floors.

Everything has been thought of. From solar panels to endless recycled elements, this truly is the green car of the future. A green car we’d all be stoked to drive, and not feel literally like a vagina scooting around in our Prius.

Some of the features Strait from the Fisker Website:
Extended Range. Refueling optional. EVer™ technology uses an electric generator and battery pack to power dual electric motors to drive the wheels. The gasoline engine is only used as a backup range extender. The patented Fisker EVer™ technology permits up to 50 miles of electric driving. After 50 miles, the internal combustion engine engages to support the electric motors for a range of 250 miles. (Note: the plug-in hybrid is never run by the engine. The engine provides the energy to run the electric motors.)

Diamond Dust™ paint is the first water-based paint featuring a recycled glass flake mixture utilizing 35-55% recycled glass, and an invisible reflective infrared layer that assists in keeping the interior cooler in hot weather. Because Diamond Dust™ paint is water-based, it releases no volatile organic compounds into the environment.

Reclaimed Wood
The Karma’s elegant interior wood trim is unique and 100% sustainable, sourced from Fallen, Sunken and Rescued Wood™. No live growth is ever used. Fallen Wood™ is 100% sourced from naturally fallen trees in the western United States. Sunken Wood™ has a white oak with a beautiful patina created naturally from having rested at the bottom of Lake Michigan for over 300 years. Rescued Wood™ is sourced from rescued, non-damaged trees from wildfires in California.

Interior Materials
The components that form the Karma’s interior are as unique as they are essential to continuing Fisker’s sustainable and accountable design philosophy. Every Karma reflects Fisker’s dedication to the use of reclaimed, recycled and reusable materials. Wood trim is sourced from reclaimed lumber. All seating foam is fashioned from soy-based bio fiber and recycled post-consumer materials create the carpet backing. The Karma EcoStandard features an animal free interior environment designed to emulate a pure leather grain and is tinted a rich shade of black (Black Onyx Monotone). The Karma EcoSport features leather produced in the world’s first closed-loop leather manufacturing plant. These hides are sourced from farms that abide by the five freedoms of human animal treatment. In addition, Fisker uses about 85% of the hides, more than double the amount used by traditional automakers. Karma EcoChic, the most advanced sustainable trim package available, features 100% post-industry virgin textile Premium EcoSuede materials, surrounding driver and passengers in a lush and sustainable driving environment.

Regenerative Braking
The Karma’s regenerative braking system is engaged by using the right-hand steering wheel paddle (Hill Mode) in varying amounts. This captures kinetic energy during deceleration, feeding it back into the battery allowing the driver more control in their Karma’s driving experience and range.

Solar Roof
Harness The Sun For Extended Range. The largest solar glass roof ever designed for a production vehicle can extend driving range an additional 200 miles/322 km annually. The custom design is a wonder of art and engineering and visually conveys the Karma’s advanced technology and environmental purpose.

At Fisker Automotive we are creating environmentally conscious vehicles with passion, style and performance and it all starts with 981 lb/ft (1300 Newton/meters) of torque which is available at 0 RPMs. When in Sport mode, the Karma’s EVer™ power management system utilizes the power of the lithium-ion battery system in conjunction with the Karma’s 2.0 liter 260HP four cylinder direct injection motor which is connected to a 175kW generator for 0-60mph in 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 125 mph (200km/h).

Be on the Lookout for the newest model in the lineup, the Fisker Surf. A 4-door hatchback version of the Karma aimed towards the more active individual.

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2011 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by GWA Tuning

When beautiful vintage Italian Ferrari lines collide with modern technology we’re left with an timeless icon.  GWA-Tuning took the bloodline and the shell of a 340 Ferrari Mexico (only 3 chassis exist, as there were exactly 3 built in 1952 for the Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico) and put it a-top the base platform of a Ferrari 456.  The interrior was re-bodied by coach building master, Mark Nungent, from Austrailia.  The body was then tweaked aesthetically by fixing up a new diffuser, rear spoiler, side vents, and front splitter.  To top it all off the body was stretched by about 15 inches to fit the new platform.  I’d take this puppy over almost any material possession in the world.

Recently in March, this car fetched an astounding 4.3 million at the RM Auctions.  In my opinion one of the most iconic and unique cars ferrari or the rest of the world has ever built.  If you want your own, first you gotta find one of the other three Ferrari 340 mexico editions (all are slightly different), then convince GWA tuning to do their entire tune.  They said it would be the only one, however we know money does talk.