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World’s First Underwater Nuclear Explosion

In in 1946, the United States conducted a series of nuclear weapon tests at Bikini Atoll in what’s known as Operation Crossroads. A total of two bombs were detonated to test the effects nuclear blasts had on naval warships. The second, named Baker, was the world’s first nuke to be detonated underwater. Due to the unique properties of underwater explosions, the Baker test produced a number of unique photographs that the world had never seen before. The blast lifted two million tons of water and sand into the air, creating a column 6,000 feet tall, 2,000 feet wide, and with walls 300 feet thick.

Beer Savage

BeerSavage is not a brand, it’s a movement.  One that builds community and celebrates the experience of enjoying a beer. The BeerSavage is the universal symbol of this movement; representing the inner savage that lurks within each of us. Channeling ones inner savage strengthens the movement and the connection to the community. BeerSavage supports those that enjoy responsibly.’

Beer Savage is hosting their first art gathering entitled, “Our Inner Savage,” at Noble Ale Works on Friday March 1st from 7-11pm. Featured artists will include: Bob Dob, Graham Curran, Brad Walters, Tyler Cornelius, Eddie Wall, Evan Price, Jake Vandenberg, Jimmy Fontaine, Matthias Bannon, Mike Page, Pat Garvin, Robby Adams, Stink, Tristan Ellis, and Dave Goss. Release your inner savage, go to the show!

Beer Savage 6′ x 6′ by Dave Goss from BeerSavage on Vimeo.

Our inner savage from BeerSavage on Vimeo.

American Royalty // Prismatic EP Release

Our Venice pals and now New York City transplants American Royalty are officially releasing their new Prismatic EP tomorrow February 5. Preview the new EP below and check out the epic mind melting video for their first single ‘Honey & Queen’ by renowned Brooklyn-based filmmaker/animator Jeff Scher. American Royalty will be playing their first show of 2013 at The Mercury Lounge in NYC in celebration of their new EP this Thursday, February 7. You can grab the Prismatic EP HERE.


L.A. Backstory

Ernest Holzman is an accomplished photographer and film director. Now, at the age of 60 years old, he is having a life changing experience battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This led him to decide it was time to take on a new and challenging project. So he got a super hot naked babe and his 60 year old 4×5 view film camera and hit the streets without any permits, capturing her vulnerable state in forgotten corners all over Los Angeles. L.A. Backstory is an exhibit of his adventure, taking place at the Known Gallery on Fairfax. The show only runs until January 26th 2013, so get there now! Check out some of his other works below.


“Austin Psych Fest was founded in 2008 to celebrate Austin’s musical history as the birthplace of psychedelic rock through the creation of a music and arts festival. From humble beginnings, this independent festival has grown from a small word-of-mouth event to an internationally acclaimed, full weekend event that attracts attendees from all over the world. Austin Psych Fest (APF) has become the world’s premiere showcase of psychedelic rock.”
Here is the official mixtape for Austin Psych Fest 2013. Grab tickets and more info here.

MindTai’s 2nd Annual: 12 Rigs of Christmas (1/12)

Well it sure has been a wild a year and now we are back with our second installment of our 12-day countdown to Christmas aptly titled, MindTai’s 2nd Annual: 12 Rigs of Christmas. While last year’s decision to start the countdown was brash, unorganized, and the majority of the Christmas “Rigs” weren’t really rigs at all, this year we plan to rectify that by presenting you with twelve luscious loveys accompanied with a hand selected song from the MindTai treasure chest. We hope you enjoy the countdown, and on the 12th day we will be providing you with a link for the entire album all wrapped up in a nice downloadable package. So without further adieu, cheers for hanging with us, and lets give it up for day 1 of 12 of the countdown.
CHRISTMAS RIG 2012: 1/12

DL: Late Nite Tuff Guy – Reality [LNTG Forbidden Interpretation]