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The Devil’s Dance by Tyler Kandel for Wolf Magazine

Ultra babe Aleksandra Rastovic gets beautifully captured in this black and white short by Tyler Kandel. The short film features amazing cinematography, great lighting, awesome shadow play, and some award winning flailing boobie tassels. Enjoy this epic short with an awesome musical score made exclusively for Wolf Magazine. Happy Friday!

A Splash of Fantasy

Here are some fantastical photographs of Lily Donaldson taken by fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski for the May issue of Vogue Spain. The photo blending techniques give these photos a surreal and fantasy like quality that really makes them stand out.

Keiichi Tanaami

Keiichi Tanaami was born in 1936 in Tokyo, and is one of the leading pop artists of postwar Japan. He has been active as a multi-genre artist since the 1960s as a graphic designer, illustrator, video artist, and fine artist. His career really started taking off during the 1960s during the hippie movement where he designed album covers for bands such as The Monkees and Jefferson Airplane. Later he went on to become the first art director for the Japanese edition of Playboy in 1975. He then suffered from a pulmonary edema where he hovered in a fragile state between life and death and suffered frequent hallucinations. During this time in the 80s and 90s is where a lot of his really twisted and crazier work came into light. Now at 77 he is still going as strong as ever with his very graphic and psychedelic aesthetic that has won him worldwide notoriety. This year he collaborated with Stüssy and designed some killer tees and last year he was honored at the world renown Art Basel in Miami. Good on you Keiichi, may you keep on keeping on for many more years to come brother.


Henrik Purienne is a world class photographer and filmmaker having done commissioned projects for Stussy, Adidas, but most famously American Apparel. His photography is a combination of sex and fun in the sun with an aesthetically pleasing use of 70s and 80s tones that have become a staple in his work. Splitting his time globetrotting between Cape Town and Paris with an onslaught of girlfriends, the elusive Purienne has gone on to form his own publication in the form of Mirage Magazine, a 400 page ode to fashion, swimwear, and jetset hedonism. He was once asked by an online publication, “how would you describe what you do? Do you think of it as a job?” The photographer replied, “No way, jobs are for suckers. I just have fun with my girlfriends…” If you dig his work and want to stay current on his latest projects be sure to check out the Mirage Mag tumblr and facebook.


Australian eyewear company Epokhe and Kai Neville have released their first video campaign together featuring an external world of unearthly women, waves, and fierce backdrops. The film takes on a minimalistic approach and has some amazing scenery and aerial shots. It also features a few clips of Mitch Coleborn tackling some ganny waves. Still photography shot by Grady Archbold & Dion Agius.

Stüssy x Alakazam | Radio Radication Mix

On August 24th, Stüssy will release a collaboration with UK illustrator Will Sweeney’s Alakazam label entitled, “Operation Radication.” The collection pulls some inspiration from old school Reggae and Dub album covers of the 1970′s, so it seemed appropriate to create a mix tape inspired by the collection. RADIO RADICATION is a mix of dubbed out Reggae jams, hand selected by Will Sweeney. Turn up your computer speakers, light up a doobie, and keep it roots!!!