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Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression

This has to be the most next level skate section I have ever gazed upon. At 36 years old, the legendary Bob Burnquist is still pushing the envelope and progressing the sport of skateboarding to extraordinary new heights. This is his first full section since 2010 and it is all filmed in his backyard! It features a ginormous mega ramp, a huge hip, a helicopter, some skydiving, and a ridiculous arsenal of tricks that I am almost certain only he has pulled off. This whole video is next level. Check it out!

CONS Space 001 BCN


Mid May Converse put forth the CONS Space in Barcelona. The goal was to transform an disused urban space through a few of our favorite things, art, music, and skateboarding.  It took place in an abandoned industrial playfield put together by Kenny Anderson and Pontus Alv. Local barcelona artists Txemy Basuelto, Fernando Elvira and Ruben Sanchez  were hired to paint the surroundings giving some life to the once dead area. The skaters Rune Glifberg, Tom Remillard, Remy Taviera, Javier Mendizabal, Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Danny Sommerfeld and Ben Raemers all threw down some massive tricks to make the event a killer session. Check out the “Spot-On” content they collected below!

MiNDTAi.TV: Stealing From The City


The crew at MiNDTAi is proud to announce the launch of MiNDTAi.TV. A homegrown video station that will kick you in the face and leave you scratching for more. Stealing From The City is our first mind-altering presentation, so kick-back and enjoy yourself, this one’s on MiNDTAi.


As kids, we were always figuring out ways to piss off the public and do exactly what we wanted, most of the time that meant skating whenever and wherever we damn-well pleased. After skating at the park all day everyday, we discovered we could unplug the vending machines and plug in our own flood lights to light up the park after dark and score sessions all to ourselves. Overtime the cops caught on and started to write us tickets for “stealing electricity from the city.” This only scared us off for so long…
One night under the full moon in late February, we (the MindTai boys) decided to head out under the bright moonlight and score our favorite local skate park with no one out. After a brief spliff session we quickly set up the lights and got to skating. Throughout the session there were thoughts about the pigs spoiling all the fun, but it never happened. Only an all-time session with our best friends and a couple randoms that saw the lights from afar. Here’s the result of that epic night…

STEALING FROM THE CITY from MindTai.TV on Vimeo.

Escape From SOTY Island

Super heavy new video brought to you by Volcom and Thrasher Magazine. Featuring David Gonzalez, Grant Taylor, Collin Provost, Pedro Barros, Louie Lopez, and Geoff Rowley.

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BONES WHEELS presents their second video“NEW GROUND” starring: Ben Raybourn, Jared Huss, Trent McClung, Trevor McClung, Evan Smith, MOOSE, Josh Hawkins, Aldrin Garcia, Jordan Hoffart, JAWS, Dakota Servold, Chris Joslin, David Gravette, Chris Haslam, Ryan Dezenzo, Kevin Kowalski, Brad McClain, Matt Berger, Kevin Romar, and many more…

Watch the full length video below or download it for free HERE.

Red Bull Perspective // A Skateboard Film

Red Bull is upping the ante yet again with this short film that follows Ryan Sheckler (San Clemente), Torey Pudwill (Simi Valley), Ryan Decenzo (Vancouver) and Zered Bassett (New York), on a journey from their hometowns to common ground. The camera work and the skating are top notch, this is definitely worth a watch. For a deeper perspective on this trip click HERE.