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To celebrate the opening day of Mammoth Mountain today and ringing in the snowboarding season, here is the full length video of Nitro Snowboards new flick, HYPED!

Scotty Vine

Winter is on rapid approach and snowboarding season is right along side it. This is a Scotty Vine clip that will get you amping to hit the slopes. Here are some words from Scotty about the making of this clip, “Persevering through hard times shows courage and motivation to achieve goals, produces humility and can result in great accomplishments. The 2011/12 winter was the most difficult test of my life in snowboarding. I worked with many talented people over the course of the season who directly or indirectly affected the outcome of this video part. I proudly present this video as a thank you to those who made it possible. It has been 14 years since I started snowboarding and I’m grateful to be able to say that it’s still my passion and I still love snowboarding.”

Mammoth Mountain Art Park

As we all know, Mammoth Mountain is struggling due to the lack of snow this year. Looking at the mountain from a distance is extremely depressing and discouraging. However, there is one thing to get excited about… The Art Park! This year Mammoth Mountain collaborated with professional snowboarder and artist Jamie Lynn to bring forth an interactive art gallery on the slopes. The Art Park is built up of several rails, boxes, and jumps which have all been custom painted by Lynn.  The vibrant colors bring life to the park and encourage interaction. Make sure to get out there and add to the flavor!

Saïko, The Iker Fernandez Snowboard Documentary

Surfer Rule, Method Mag, Volcom, Burton, Oakley & Nixon present “Saiko, The Iker Fernandez Snowboard Documentary”. This full-length production from BQP Films retraces the longtime Nixon team rider’s career right from the beginning. From boarding with his brothers as groms, to the Olympic games, his trips around the world, and his current status as a snowboarding icon throughout Europe and the rest of the snowboarding community. Check out this high flying style master from Spain as he boards with his some of the biggest names in snowboarding.

Saïko, The Iker Fernandez Snowboard Documentary from NIXON Europe on Vimeo.

Introducing Dylan Alito

Check out new Volcom am Dylan Alito. This 19 year old grom from Breckenridge, CO has some of the freshest jibbing style that I have ever seen. His lines are super techy and creative, and the kid charges on things you wouldn’t deem possible. His debut part in ThirtyTwo’s new am video AMMO is UNREAL! Check it for yourself, and you can download the whole video here for $2.99.

Also, check out Dylan dominating the San Francisco Downtown Throwdown Rail Jam in the Bay over Halloween dressed like a Juggalo (Insane Clown Posse Kook!) with prop axe in hand.


Mark Paul Deren aka Mr. Ween aka MADSTEEZ, is a multi-faceted artist and designer originally from the outskirts of Washington DC and is now based out of WEENSV!LLE (Newport Beach), CA. As an artist, MADSTEEZ is known for his vivid, large-scale, multi-layered paintings, where strange and familiar figures are integrated into abstract landscapes. His artwork is very colorful, fun, and capturing, with an extensive portfolio that includes paintings, illustrations, murals, clothing, boards, toys, cars, and accessories. He has held solo exhibitions in New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo as well as group showings in London, Germany, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Calgary and Art Basel, Miami. His visual style has attracted clients such as Nike, Target, Red Bull, Boost Mobile, Honda, Boosted, Volkswagen, MCA & Interscope Records, Stüssy, Capita Snowboards, Rusty, Salomon, Wallin Surfboards, So Sweet Records, 411VM, Palace 5ive, and Bl!SSS Magazine. Check out his super steezy work in the videos and the gallery below.


“Write the Future : MADSTEEZ from MADSTEEZ on Vimeo.