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Urban Time-lapse: Shanghai, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur by Rob Whitworth



Plaza de Joe Strummer

The city of Granada, Spain will be renaming one of their town plaza’s to be named “Plaza de Joe Strummer.” Strummer mentions the city in The Clash’s song “Spanish Bombs,” and was said to have loved all of Spain. Along with the renaming of the plaza, a film will be released documenting Strummer’s travels to Spain called “I Need A Dodge.” The film is still currently in the works, but you can check out the trailer below. Long live Joe Strummer! “…Spanish songs in Granada, oh mi corazón, oh mi corazón, oh mi corazón, oh mi corazón.”

‘I Need a Dodge!’ Trailer from Tindog films on Vimeo.


Supported by Converse, Chinese graffiti artists WHYYY, NAN and SINIC (aka IDT Crew) traveled for 50 straight days from Southwest China’s Kunming region to the highest region on Earth: Tibet. Their journey of more than 1,200 miles was a mission to paint on an array of unique and unorthodox surfaces. Along the way they faced numerous obstacles including cultural backlash, resistance from authorities, and a general sense of misunderstood youths. But through perseverance and determination, this crew accomplished a shared goal by embarking on a mission following passions in a country that doesn’t always see their talents for what they are. This 30 minute documentary highlights their journey and experiences as they wander through China dropping some cool murals along the way.


About two weeks ago MindTai flew over to New York to catch some hurricane swell and some fine ass tail. Upon arrival we saw nothing but glorious frothing chocolate barrels, a magnificent way to start off what would be a banger of a trip. The rest of the days were filled with spliffs, skateboards, tattoos, and debauchery. One night we snuck into the Ty Segal and Thee Oh Sees show, which was as even more epic than expected. Midway through Ty Segal’s set it started raining a hazy mist, amping up the natural energy which splashed and bashed in every direction. We were lucky enough to catch the Fuerza Bruta show thanks to our loving friend Roxy. The show was an raging interactive performance including confetti, tons of water, and thumping African jungle beats. We left the show soaking wet from head to toe with smiles across the board. What an epic trip…we’ll be back soon NYC.

Still Rolling – Momentum Generation

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Recently surf filmmaker legend Taylor Steele reunited in Indo with an empire of all-star surfers he helped build with his camera nearly 20 years ago. Consisting of some of the most talented and memorable surfers growing up in the 90′s, the Momentum Generation includes such legends as: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Kalani Robb, Benji Weatherly, The Malloy Brothers, Shane Dorian, Ross Williams and many more. Gaining exposure, respect, and fame through Taylor Steele’s series of ongoing surf videos, The Momentum Generation dominated the surf media through out the 90s and eventually paved the way for many groms to come. 20 years after Taylor Steele’s “Momentum” video put them all on the map, the gang is back and still ripping as hard as ever. SurferMag cruised out to Indo with them, documented the epic reunion as depicted in the clip below, and will be running a print feature in their upcoming November issue! Cheers to 20 years and counting mates!

MOMENTUM GENERATION – STILL ROLLING a Surfing video by surfeurope

The Domelands // Russell Houghten

Russell Houghten and Richard Houghten are an amazing brother duo that collaborate on many projects together. Russell shoots and edits his films, while Richard will score the projects with his music. This short video was taken during a trip out to “The Domelands.” This particular desert area used to be covered by the Sea of Cortez and has fossilized sea life and amazing landscapes everywhere.

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