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PORK magazine is an online free publication for your hardcore rock&roll punker. Each issue of PORK magazine is filled with issues concerning pizza, weed, weirdo art, denim, studs and tons of other random radness. The magazine has killer art direction and has an awesome online store with tons of bitchin’ patches, buttons, t-shirts, and combs/knives for you to fiend over. Make sure to check out PORK! for more weirdo shit.

NASA’s ‘Curiosity’ with Mars

In November of 2011 NASA launched the Mars Science Laboratory probe ‘Curiosity,’ an able one ton, 2.5 billion dollar SUV-sized rover, kicking off her 154 million mile / 9 month long journey to Mars. On August 5th at 10:32pm PT, Curiosity flawlessly executed the soft landing onto Martian ground, surviving the daunting feat known as ‘the seven minutes of terror.’ This term was coined because it takes 14 minutes for Earth to receive a signal from Mars, & when we were to first get confirmation that Curiosity entered the Martian atmosphere, she would have already been live ( or dead ) on the surface for seven minutes. The whole incredible & incredibly complex landing process that had zero margin for error is explained in the following video:

The United states of America is the only country on Earth that has successfully landed anything on the red planet ( #MericaFuckYeah ). Curiosity is following in the footsteps of her handful of older American siblings who have had their share in exploring the planet – most notably Spirit ( no longer active ) & Opportunity ( currently active ). Only, Curiosity is much more sophisticated in her equipment setup / capability & has much larger goals for her couple year mission. As Mars was partially covered in water for just under 1/4th of it’s 4.5 billion year history, Curiosity purposely landed in the Gale Crater – which is estimated at being approximately 3.8 billion years old. Therefore, as it presumably was once a large lake, this is a key place for us to find the undeniable possibility of past, & / or present, life.

Having spent a week warming up to her new territory, Curiosity’s entry & descent software will soon be wiped clear making way for new information to complete her mission ahead – including the capability to perform sampling, as well as the ability to drive more efficiently between targets on the surface. The ultimate goal… which is a touchy subject for a lot of Americans, is to eventually send some Martian samples back to Earth. The problem is that the already under-funded organization is only going to have its funds dropped significantly year by year. NASA’s budget for exploring Mars will drop from $587 million to $361 million in 2013. In 2014, the budget will sink to $228 million & then $189 million in 2015. Just to give some perspective, NASA’s current budget is $15 billion a year, about 0.47% of the federal budget – while the Department of Defense gets 18.9% at $716 billion. For now, us Earthlings will at least revel in the fact that we have a representative 154 million miles away, diligently putting in work day by day to help us learn more about the planet in our solar system that is most like ours, sending photos along the way. Saying that, those of us that believe in the absolute importance & significance of learning more about the universe, & in turn, ourselves, must find a way to help transform these figures to make more sense in the following years.

>>> Watch the 02:41 minute condensed version of Curiosity’s landing via the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California here < <<

>>> More info about NASA’s Curiosity mission here
>>> Curiosity’s twitter account here
>>> Curiosity’s facebook account here

Spreading Digital Aloha is here and spreading digital aloha to the masses. It’s your one-stop shop for everything within the surfing realm. Hosting all sorts of videos including how-to’s, short films, interviews and tons more,‘s got something for your stoke!  Head on over to the site and see what they got in-store for ya!

Ke11y Slater’s 11.5th World Title

Can you imagine what it would be like if your whole life you thought your Birthday was April 20th but then some rando informs you that it’s actually on the 21st?  Or what if Publisher’s Clearing House came to your house with a check for 100k, busted down your door, threw balloons in your face, and had Chris Hanson sit you down only to find out that the check was made out to your neighbor?  The list of jokes could go on about Ke11y Slater’s 11th and 11.5th World Title and the unfortunate miscalculation that now makes us surfers look way stoopider than we already are…

November 6th, a brisk Sunday in the Bay, MindTai’s very own in-field reporter SAH was lurking at Ocean Beach for Rip Curl’s 7th Official Search Contest.  Only needing to win one more heat to Officially clench his 11th World Title, the pressure was on for King Slater as he set forth to shred against up-and-coming super groms: Miguel Pupo and Gabriel Medina (the eventual winner of the contest).  As the three set out to the sea, people from far and wide flocked to the water’s edge to witness the official crowning of Ke11y’s 11th World Title, this time fo reals…As you can tell, the competition was fierce but the uber groms (who were probably still in diapers by the time Kelly was getting his 8th World Title) were no match to Slater’s backside floaters, frontside hacks, and a barrell after the buzzer that proved yet again why Kelly is the absolute best surfer who ever lived and put to rest any jokes about his initial Title Farce.  Rightfully so, Kelly was re-crowned and the masses frothed harder in amazement than they ever have before…

From Curren’s generation to the momentum generation, Andy’s generation to the new wave Dane x Jordy generation, and now the John John x Kolohe x Gabriel Medina grom generation – Kelly has straight up schooled, fooled, ruled, and ridiculed beyond any compare; and it doesn’t seem like he’s leaving his empire of dominance any time soon.  It is with much pride, respect, and froth that we’d like to congratulate the 11 Time World Title Champion: Kelly Slater on his feats, his dominance, and his perseverance throughout his entire career!  Hats off to you mate!

Thirsty Thursdays with PBR

CLASSIC VIDEO! Here at MindTai we would like to wish you all a happy Thirsty Thursday and to remind you that if you do choose to drink PBR please do so irresponsibly, because for shits sake…it’s PBR. Cheers!

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Little Dragon >> Ritual Union

Little Dragon – the Swedish quartet of Yukimi Nagano (vocals, percussion), Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass) & Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards), have been close friends since highschool, & have been killing it ever since.

Under the British Indie label Peacefrog, they’ve released 3 albums; the self-titled Little Dragon ( 2007 ), Machine Dreams ( 2009 ), & the latest, Ritual Union ( 2011 ) – which they
are currently on tour promoting. They have done numerous collaborations with the likes of Gorillaz, Jose Gonzales, Dave Sitek ( producer & guitarist of TV on the Radio ), SBTRKT, DJ Shadow, etc. etc.

All the tracks from the newest album are amazing… as is characteristic of Little Dragon… they’ve got this addictive retro electronic sound, catchy synthy pop beats & smooth lyrics that will undoubtedly get your groove going. I’ve personally had this album on heavy rotation ever since it was released a couple months ago. It is just soo damn good. Out of curiosity,
I did a search for videos of the albums’ tracks… & was delighted with what I found. Majority of the videos were made by random fans… 9 out of 11 of them. Coincidentally, they are all either film clips from the 20′s / 50′s / 60′s or are trippy animations – they have this sense of unity & fit the soul of the tracks extremely well, making for a great experience of the music.

>> Enjoy <<

▼ #1 Ritual Union

▼ #2 Little Man

▼ #3 Brush the Heat

▼ #4 Shuffle a Dream

▼ #5 Please Turn

▼ #6 Crystalfilm

▼ #7 Precious

▼ #8 Nightlight

▼ #9 Summertearz

▼ #10 When I go out

▼ #11 Seconds

& Voila… the 2011 tour dates: