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Ginette Lapalme is an illustrator and artist currently living in Toronto with her cat Washinton. She has a fetish for pussy cats and fluffy pink objects. Her current creative clients include Circo De Bakuza, The Walrus Magazine, Vice Magazine, Threadless, and … Continue reading

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Illustrator Nicholas Gazin creates controversial drawings and portraits that could really piss off your mom…unless your mom is one of those weed smoking hippies. As a full time curator for Vice Magazine’s Talkin’ Bout The Boards, he is consistently creating pugnacious content … Continue reading

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Color Me Obsessed is a 2-hour documentary covering the epicness that is The Replacements. Over their 12-year existence, the band’s live sets were pure magic and their antics were unrivaled. Check out Gorman Bechard‘s remarkable history of the ‘Mats as … Continue reading

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Here are the latest video segments from Vice’s Epicly Later’d series featuring Arto Saari. Check out parts 3 and 4 below. If you happened to have missed parts 1 and 2, check them out here.

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I stumbled upon quite an interesting fashion photo shoot today compliments of Vice Magazine. What intrigued me about it was the contrast between per-say the ‘model’ and the backdrop. The backdrop sets are inspired by hoarders, yes, the kind that … Continue reading

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The highly coveted Photo edition of Vice Magazine will hit selected stores soon and is guaranteed to be one you won’t wanna leave out of the collection. With a cover that is scratch and sniff; yes, more senses will tingle, … Continue reading

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