Andre Saraiva

It’s often that graffiti tagged across a scrappy, dimly lit wall will be appear too bold, embossed, rushed or careless. Such common hands very rarely becomes emblematic. Only a grip of graffiti artists can claim revered handiwork, and most of them can be found in the MindTai memory banks, inspiring enough loot of your local art supply. It’s not the time to produce such a list of icons however, but focus on one that has eclipsed the realm of street art and moved into iconography representative of something more.

I first came across Andre Saraiva’s work back in 2008 when he enlisted his signature character, Mr. A, to star alongside the saxxxy myrt Lou Doillon in Cazal’s all time video for “Somebody Somewhere”. I hadn’t paid much attention to the band before then, something about the action on screen and the nature of the scene inspired me to invest in what would become one of my favorite all time albums. The stop motion infusion of the Mr. A character so usually found stagnent on blank walls was the first of it’s kind I had seen. I of course was the prat in the joke, with much of Paris, Tokyo and NY well acquainted with Mr. Saraiva’s work long before. It is interesting to note that he regards his work, not as vandalism, but beautiful crime. Judging by the multitude of avenues Andre has infused his work into, it’s clear that many share this view.

It did not hurt that at the time i noticed his work, Andre was not only conjuring up his images across many iconic spaces but also creating album art for one of my favorite labels, Kitsuné. My next encounter with his characters came when I was living in Paris a couple years ago. Some friends took me to a venue named Le Baron, an after hours low down shared by the best of the worst, and one of the first things I noticed was Mr. A and other notes in Saraiva’s signature hand. The place proved to be easily my favorite spot in the city and I learned later that Savaira was indeed instrumental in creating the environment that it so enjoyed. It became apparent that Andre was one of the few examples of artists that transcend their actual work and become instrumental in a manner of going about. As a note, there are now three Le Baron’s scattered across the globe now as well as a well guarded door in LA.

Many a tagger probably look upon Andre’s work with a happy scoff, the simplicity of design and execution paling in comparison to the detail of many graffiti artists. I however think that the key to the success he has enjoyed is due precisely in fact to that simplicity. Whether on a garage door, pair of tits or bottle of vodka, Andre’s work has elevated to a level only reserved for those whose message is so clearly understood and embraced it needs no introduction. cheers

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Wooden Shjips’ West out Sept. 13th

San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips newest LP, West, is due for its North American release on Thrill Jockey September 13th and its a good one.  Even though West doesn’t contain the ten-minute jams like 2009′s Dos and was actually recorded in a proper studio, fans of the band’s heavy, minimalist, fuzz-psych jams shouldn’t worry that the band has gone soft; the wall of reverb fuzz is as strong as ever on this one. It was mastered by Peter Kember (aka Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum) so you know it was in good hands.  Stream the full album below and order a copy here.

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David Choe and James Jean keep painting, keep drawing and most of all keep fucking around. Dope video showcasing their secret studio in Los Angeles. Somehow these monsters end up getting an art show together in Japan at PARCO that will melt your fucking eyes out of their sockets. Shot by Willie T.

More of James Jean’s art courtesy of MINDTAI!

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Rigs On The Reg | Steez Edition

For this edition of Rigs On The Reg we bring you some luscious Rigasaurus Rex’s combined with some equally stunning photography. There really is nothing better to complement a ravishing Rig than good lighting and a rad setting. Mix in creativity, some artistic flare, a dose of soul, a steezy eye, and BOOM, you got yourself some magic. Enjoy this steez edition of Rigs On The Reg. Keep it steezy my fellow frothers.

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Cacti and the NUDE EYE

There’s something about cactus that has always intrigued me. It may be because of the danger and pain they have so harshly stabbed upon my body in past travels. Or it may be because of the potent psychedelic power that is derived (then consumed) from a few of the finer cacti family. Either way, the cactus has always grabbed my eye. Here are some MindTai captures.

Tide pools are another one of Mother Nature’s little golden gifts. Filled and emptied everyday with fresh ocean water, carrying in and out all sorts of salty life. Here are some tide pool and ocean snags from MindTai and the NUDE EYE.

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Doped Youth is perhaps the most classic surf flick of all time. It was produced by Adam Blakey and Ozzie Wright in 2005 and stars a cast of the best surfers/rockers/degenerates born and bred on the killer coasts of Australia. Ozzie Wright and the Doped Youth Crew go up against Kelly Slater (Groovy Avalon) in a Battle of the Bands square-off. The hilarious cast of rippers really know how to throw down a proper punk rock flick. If you haven’t seen or heard of Doped Youth get on the wagon and go for a ride! (FULL VIDEO BELOW)

When we all thought the puck rock generation of Christian Fletcher and Matt Archbold had come to an end, Ozzie Wright continued to carry on the surf-punk spirit thrashing and bashing as always. On top of surfing and skating, Ozzie is a sick artist, musician, filmmaker and all-around person. He jams solo and with his other bands: Goons Of Doom, & Doped Youth. We’ve included special tracks from his collection. Gather them below and buy their shit at Volcom Entertainment.

DL: Doped Youth – Innocent World (credits)

“We were making a surf movie about us being a band – ["Doped Youth"]. So, we bought all the instruments and stuff. We’d been playing our instruments for 5 days and we had a gig at a party. We were ridiculously bad… We were really nervous and we sucked. And then we had another one the next week and just kept going. One tour, we did about 30 gigs in six weeks and after that we were like, “I guess we’re getting pretty good.” We’ve since played Tokyo, Hollywood, and were hoping to go to New York this year [2005]. We take it seriously but in a fun way.”
Ozzie Wright on Goons of Doom’s origins.

DL: The Datsons – Motherfucker From Hell (Ozzie’s section)

DL: Ozzie Wright – Never Trust A Bikey If He Don’t Drink Beer

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