Nathan James

Check out these awesome paintings of Ontario-born and London transplant artist Nathan James. He has a cool dark comic style of painting that mashes together Hollywood style portraitures with face melting caricatures. Check out some of our favorites below and get the full deal here.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 21.05.00

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It Might Get Loud


It Might Get Loud is a killer rock-n-roll documentary showcasing three legends, The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes). These three axe gods talk about their lives growing up under the rhythm of rock-n-roll, and how they got to where they are today. Don’t miss out on this mind-altering electric smash!

Watch it on YouTube here!!!

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Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression

This has to be the most next level skate section I have ever gazed upon. At 36 years old, the legendary Bob Burnquist is still pushing the envelope and progressing the sport of skateboarding to extraordinary new heights. This is his first full section since 2010 and it is all filmed in his backyard! It features a ginormous mega ramp, a huge hip, a helicopter, some skydiving, and a ridiculous arsenal of tricks that I am almost certain only he has pulled off. This whole video is next level. Check it out!

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Your favorite record shop Burger Records, has just released a 30 track set of Burger favorites. The mix includes songs from The Memories, The Garden, La Luz, Shannon and the Clams, and many more. Make sure to give this one a spin, you may find a jam or two that get you booking on over to Burger!

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74° and Partly Cloudy

Overboard is a yacht rock crew out of L.A., consisting of Waldo, Hoff, Dan from Cosmic Kids, and Dirty Dave. “We can be found vibing out at daytime pool parties in San Diego and L.A., where we play the hits but also like to unearth some soft rock gems.” This is their first mix recorded together and it is perfect for kicking it beachside with a coldie in hand.

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Promenade Solitaire: Cowboys From Sweden


The Cowboys From Sweden are back with a roller coaster of cinematic delight. This compilation is a lonely drive through the hills of highs and lows, featuring tons of vibrant instrumentals and moody vocals. ‘Promenade Solitaire’ is meant to be listened to alone and studied, it is not for social gatherings nor get-togethers. This mix is for the more experienced and hard-listener. It’s pretty heavy French shit…most of you will not enjoy. However, there may be one or two out there that indulge deeply into this mix, alongside a glass of wine and some cheese.

DL: The Cowboys From Sweden – Promenade Solitaire


‘I am pleased to announce that another brand new mix by The Cowboys From Sweden is complete! The mix is called “Promenade Solitaire”, named after an Ennio Morricone track featured in the mix. The title pretty much sums up the feel of this mix perfectly. Themes for solitude, themes for walking alone. This mix has been my company on my daily walks through the park (usually at around sunset or after dark) this whole year. The overall feel is sentimental, lonely, highly classical and sometimes triumphant. There are plenty of obscure tracks to be found here that have been lost over time, so hopefully much of this music is new to you, since I had to dig pretty deep for some of these gems. The mix is dominated by dark classical melodies and lush groovy arrangements from mostly French and Italian composers and pop icons. Lots of big vocals and moody instrumentals that are sure to steal your breath. This might be the moodiest mix by the Cowboys from Sweden to date. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. I would strongly suggest that you listen to it in headphones while walking alone at night. Perhaps then you will hear what I hear…’

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