Mako Miyamoto


Mako Miyamoto is working on a new series where he takes ‘Chewbaca’ like masks and puts them on his subjects performing exciting daily activities such as aerobics and roller skating. The result is a comical mind-blast which warps you into a new atmosphere overloaded with Wookies! Check out the rest of Mako’s work on his site or purchase some of his prints here. Check out his facebook for up to date news and actions.

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CRAP Eyewear Snack Pack Volume 9: Summer 2013 Galactic Dropout

CRAP Eyewear has released their latest lookbook for Summer 2013 aptly titled Galactic Dropout. It features the new Summer 2013 sunglass line in an epic backdrop that makes you feel like you are Jedi-flipping in an interstellar version of Joshua Tree. As a companion to the lookbook they have also released Vol. 9 of their Snack Pack series with hand picked musical gems by the Crap guru’s themselves. Download the Galactic Dropout mixtape below!

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What’s Up Fatlip?


Back in 2003, Spike Jonze followed around Fatlip (from the Pharcyde) for a few days throughout the streets of Los Angeles. ‘What’s Up Fatlip?’ is a 30 minute short showcasing the life of Fatlip, including: male prostitutes, clown performances, truth behind lyrics, fallout’s with the Pharcyde and much more. Don’t let this one pass you by!

DL: Fatlip – What’s Up Fatlip?

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Retro Surrealism


Sarah Eisenlhor makes retro surreal collages using magazines and glue. She gathers inspiration from her personal surroundings and then turns too images from old postcards and magazines. Check out a few from her series “Mapping” below!

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Marijke Koger is a multi-talented artists from Amsterdam who designed clothing for The Beatles and Cream, created custom-painted instruments for John Lennon, Eric Clapton and George Harrison, printed posters sold at the counter culture shops of the day and was commissioned as a muralist to exercise her talents in large format for The Beatles’ Apple Boutique on Baker Street. Her talents were discovered by “psychedelic” photographer Karl Ferris in 1966 in a hippie commune in Ibiza, Spain. This discovery led to her becoming one of the founding members of the Dutch design collective known as “The Fool” who created awesome art and became prominent members of the psychedelic art movement.

“The zeitgeist at 1967 was magical. The magician portrayed was symbolic of the illusion of the physical world and our god-given free will to create what we want in life. In hindsight it was a bit naive, the powers of evil don’t let go of their greed easily. At the time it seemed nothing was impossible and there was a genuine belief the world was going to be a better place.” – Marijke Koger
Jimi at the Saville Jan 67 cover 2_4
sweet jane blog The Fool g

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Otto Splotch


Otto Splotch is a sicko cartoonist based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. He creates demented and warped out characters who are usually either fucking, farting, or getting piss retard drunk. His drawing take you on a psychedelic acid-trip, full on mind-melters. Check out his tumblr for more vomit filled inspiration.


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