Oakley Dispatch: The Movie

From the pristine shores of Hawaii to the perfect pointbreaks at Jeffrey’s Bay to slabbing barrels in Indonesia and more, Oakley Dispatch: The Movie takes viewers on the road for 12 months with the Oakley Surf Team. Based on the acclaimed Oakley Dispatch Webisode series, the movie features never-before-seen footage that is guaranteed to make you want to surf.

The cast of characters includes the likes of Jordy Smith, Sebastian Zietz, Adam Melling, Bruce Irons, Kolohe Andino and Julian Wilson among others; showcasing the real-life dynamics among the crew and creating a first-hand experience of the exhilaration of chasing the dream.

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Melancholy Suite


‘Finally, a brand new mix by the Cowboys from Sweden! This one I’ve actually been sitting on for a few years now believe it or not. In a mostly dark catalog, “Melancholy Suite 70″ is a lighter pop mix from the Cowboys from Sweden. The emphasis here is primarily light and breezy Baroque Pop music from the late 60s and early 70s. As I said before, I’ve been wanting to put together this mix for a few years now, but have continued to be distracted by all of the dark holy grails of European soundtracks, library and popular music. So, it’s a bit of a relief to take a short break from that sound and do something a little less moody for a change. However, I’m already cooking up my next (even darker) Cowboys mix! Hopefully that won’t take as long as this one did. Anyway, here you go, a nice Baroque listen featuring lots of dignified pop obscurities and I’m sure a lot of pop hits as well. Until next time, enjoy!’

DL: The Cowboys From Sweden – Melancholy Suite

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Malie is Dead


Malie Huffman is a killer babe that’ll make you puke and then smile. She draws freaky and twisted bitches covered with zits and usually leaking some sort of nasty fluid, they almost always have massive titts. You may see her artwork on concert flyers around Venice Beach or out at your local break, she designed a couple of badass logos for surfboard shaper war god Schulman Shapes.  Check out her store 9lives and buy a pink glitter vagina pin today!

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Partyfine presents: Peter & The Magician Exclusive Mix

Peter & The Magician, the magical collaboration between scene heavyweights Yuksek and The Magician, have concocted an extra spicy cocktail for us on Yuksek’s new label, Partyfine. Keep an eye and an ear out for their new EP “On My Brain” is set to bring the ruckus on June 24th.

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Disco Delights // C90s & Moon Boots

Feast on some scrumptious disco delights served to you fresh from the C90s and our boy Moon Boots. The C90s go full on vinyl mode with their latest mix for Lesuit: Hosting Sessions, which is available for free download in exchange for a ‘Like’ on the Lesuit FB page. And Moon Boots graces us with some backyard boogie down funk as he mixes some classics, some edits, and sprinkles in a few surprises along the way.

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Urban Time-lapse: Shanghai, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur by Rob Whitworth



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