The Devil’s Dance by Tyler Kandel for Wolf Magazine

Ultra babe Aleksandra Rastovic gets beautifully captured in this black and white short by Tyler Kandel. The short film features amazing cinematography, great lighting, awesome shadow play, and some award winning flailing boobie tassels. Enjoy this epic short with an awesome musical score made exclusively for Wolf Magazine. Happy Friday!

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Jean-Paul Bourdier // Bodyscapes

Here are some incredible images taken from artist Jean-Paul Bourdier’s hardcover book Bodyscapes. This photographic and artistic marvel is a collection of surreal analog photographs that push your senses of imagination and wonder. Every image has a beautiful balance of body parts, color, and landscapes, that fuse together wonderfully as a whole.


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Kisses – Dedications Mixtape

L.A. duo Kisses has put together a unique mixtape in ode to the LA freestyle and funk radio station 92.3. The tape features song dedications from their friends and favorites around the globe to their loved ones. Some of the guest dedicators include members of Classixx, Au Revoir Simone, Italians do it Better, Active Child, Com Truise, and many others.

Here are a couple other rad mixtapes worth a whirl.

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Caroline Mackintosh

Check out this great series of photographs by Caroline Mackintosh titled Thigh Deep. She takes the simple act of skinny dipping and lets the lighting and water reflections create some wondrous natural effects. You can take a closer look at this series and her entire body of work HERE.


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CONS Space 001 BCN


Mid May Converse put forth the CONS Space in Barcelona. The goal was to transform an disused urban space through a few of our favorite things, art, music, and skateboarding.  It took place in an abandoned industrial playfield put together by Kenny Anderson and Pontus Alv. Local barcelona artists Txemy Basuelto, Fernando Elvira and Ruben Sanchez  were hired to paint the surroundings giving some life to the once dead area. The skaters Rune Glifberg, Tom Remillard, Remy Taviera, Javier Mendizabal, Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Danny Sommerfeld and Ben Raemers all threw down some massive tricks to make the event a killer session. Check out the “Spot-On” content they collected below!

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Antenna to the Afterworld


Sonny & The Sunsets have just released another batch of golden jams for your much needed eardrums. Antenna to the Afterworld is a psychedelic-folk-rock-garage blend with a bit of  synth and a loose mentality. Stand out tracks are Girl on the Streets, Dark Corners, and Green Blood. You can listen to all of Sonny’s songs on his bandcamp, soon to be your favorite bandcamp page. Give their previous two albums a listen below Antenna to the Afterworld, if you haven’t already! You can get the polyvinyl here.

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